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Food January 26, 2011

Thur 11/3/11

Iced Coffee & protein bar

1/2 turkey sandwich & pasta salad

Bowl Specail K


Wed 8/10/11

Iced Coffee

Apple & Chz stick

Salad w/ Grilled Chicken and vinegrette

Wed 8/3/11

Iced Coffee

Kashi Bar


Turkey avacado sandwich

Shrimp garlic asparagus & tomatoes over linguine

Italian Ice

Tue 8/2/11

Iced Coffee

2 egg omlette w/ asparagus & chz

1/2 chicken wrap w/ watermelon

Chz stick

2 slices leftover artichoke pizza

Italian Ice

Monday  8/1/11

Iced Coffe

Whole Wheat Toast w/ PB & Banana

1/2 Turkey & 1/2 chicken salad w/ a few nuts

Wine tasting and 1/2 bottle

Grilled Flank Steak w/ corn salad

Budlight- 2

Sunday 7/31/11

Iced Coffee & Kashi Bar

Chicken Ceasar & garlic croutons

Budlight- 2

Skinny Pina -2

2 Slices Artichoke Pizza

Saturday 7/30/11

Iced Coffee Yogurt w/granola

Chicken salad on bed of lettuce w/pretzels

Nectarine & nuts

Chicken and garlic bread

2 skinny pina coladas

3 Shandy


Friday 7/29/11 

Iced Coffee – Yogurt w/granola

Turkey on Whole Wheat w/ avocado & Apple

Chz Stick and grapes

Grilled Tuna Melt w/ broccoli and Chz sauce

Swedish fish

Thursday 7/28/11

Iced Coffee – Cherrios w/ blueberries

Veggie Pannini

Teriyaki steak tips w/mushrooms and tomatoes over brown rice

Wednesday 7/27/11

Iced Coffee – Yogurt w/ granols

Tuna on bed lettuce

Nuts and Black olives

Lobster w/ butter and roasted veggies

Tuesday 7/26/11

Chz Stick

Diet Coke w/ Egg Sandwich on English

Nut Mix pack

Clams w/ churico and garlic with White wine sauce

bottle of wine

Monday 7/25/11 

Iced Coffee & TLC Kashi Bar

Dinner Pork Chop w/ mushrooms, spinach & roasted potatoes


Thursday 7/21/11

Iced Coffee & Kashi Bar

PB and Banana on Whole Wheat toast

Yogurt & granola

Pretzels and chz stick

Wednesday 7/20/11 

Iced Coffee

Kashi Bar


Summer Salad (Panera) w/ poppi dressing & Iced Tea

Piece Chocolate

Cheese Stick

Chix Sausage w/ pepper and onion


Tuesday 7/19/11 – 

Iced Coffee & yogurt

Chz Stick

Almonds and V8 Fusion


Cheese Stick

Ground Chicken w/ Spaghetti squash and pesto

Monday 7/18/11 (camping)

1 pancake w/ strawberry and whip cream, turkey bacon, coffee

egg sandwich lunch on wheat

1/2 calzone w/ broccoli & chicken & iced tea

Sunday 7/17/11  (camping)

Lara Bar

Iced Coffee

Cheese Stick

Guac dip and Blue chips


Beef Skewer w/ tomato & mushroom/ Shrimp & Chicken


Saturday 7/16/11  (camping) ? 

Friday 7/15/11

10:00 Iced Coffee

Yogurt w/ granola

1:30- Turkey Sand w/ avocado

Thursday 7/14/11 

Iced Coffee

10:00 Western Omelet – 2eggs

12:00- Grapes w/ chz stick

3:00 Turkey Sand w/ alvacado

7:00 Chicken leftovers on wheat roll

9:00 – slice pizza


Wednesday 7/13/11 

10:00 Slice Wheat toast w/ PB & cottage chez

2:00 Yogurt w/ granola

4:00 Turkey Sand w/ alvacado & diet rootbeer

8:30- Smart Pasta and chicken w/ tomoatoes

10:00 – Popsicle

Tuesday 7/12/11- 

Iced Coffee

8:00- Trail Mix Kashi Bar

12:00 Slice Pizza

2:00 Almonds

4:00 Slice Pizza

Diet Coke

8:30- Pork with sweet potato & mushrooms

Frozen Margarita

Monday 7/11/11

Iced Coffee

Caprese Salad

Beer – 4

Burger, Slaw & chips (Ron’s Mom’s)


Pizza- White 3 slices

Itailian Ice

Sunday 7/10/11

12:00 Banana W/ PB English Muffin

Iced Coffee

2:00 Grapes

7:30- Turkey Burgers

Beer 4

Saturday-  7/9/11

Iced Coffee

10:00 Banana w/ PB on English

2:30 Chicken taco lettuce wraps

6:00- popcorn & shandy

8:30 Sushi Bar & Razberry Beers 4

Friday 7/8/11

10:00 Muscle Milk

1:30- Tuna Sand on Wheat

3:00 Carrotts and Hummus

4:00- piece Chocolate

8:00- Spaghetti Squash & meat Suace


Thursday 7/7/11

10:00- Strawberry banan Smoothy

12:00 Hummus & pita chips

2:30 Turkey Sand w/ avacado

4:30 Cottage Cheese

7:30 Almonds

9:00 Chix Tacl Letttuce wraps & Diet Coke

10:00 Italian Ice

Wednesday 7/6/11

10:00- Proetin Shake

12:00 1/2 grilled veggie sandwich

2:30 other 1/2 sando

7:30 – Dinner w/ Ron at Sole Propritor


Seafood sauteed w/ broccoli and sweet potato

Glass wine

Tuesday 7/5/11 Newport Vacation

Iced Coffee

Italina grinder

Diet coke

Mon 7/4/11- HAPPY 4TH Newport Vacation

1/2 Italian Grinder


Slice White Pizza


Sun 7/3/11- ? (Didn’t track) Newport

Salad w/ grilled chicken


Sat 7/2/11- ? Newport vacation

Friday 7/1/11 –

10:00 Cherriios & Blueberries

12:00 String chz

2:00 PB & banana on wheat toast

4:30 almonds

9:30- Grilled steak tips with roasted cauliflower & tomotoes

Blueberry Ale (2)

Thursday 6/30/11

8:00 Granola Bar

10:00 Cheerios & Blueberries

12:00 Granola Bar

2:00 Subway turkey avacado bacon 6inch

4:15 Grapes

8:00 laughing cow and crackers

9:15- Sushi, steamed dumplings, boneless ribs

Blueberry ale (4)

Wednesday 6/29/11 Last Day Vacation

B- Eggs, bacon & Iced Coffee

L- 2 slices pizza

D- Chicken & Veggies

S- left over pizza

Tuesday 6/28/11 – Day 2 Vacation

B- Yogurt & Berries w/ scrambled eggs & 2 slices bacon

L- 1/2 crabcake & turkey avocado  panini

D- Main Dinning Room- Wine, Champagne, Salmon & Scallops

Monday- 6/27/11- Vacation Basin Harbor Club

7:00- egg sandwich & Iced Coffee

Lunch- Dark and Stormy

Cheese plate (split apps with Ron)



Chef’s Dinner on the Dock – 5 courses

Sunday 6/26/11-

12:00- Cheerios w/ blueberries

2:00- Chz Stick

3:30 Pineapple cottage cheese

9:00 Chicken sausage & peppers

Beer- MGD (4)

Saturday 6/25/11 –

10:00- greek yogurt & granols

12:00- Salad w/ chix, walnuts and cranberry

3:00 banana

9:00- Falafel Pita

Harpoon- (4)

Friday 6/24/11-

10:00- Protein Shake & Granola Bar

12:00 – Cheese Stick

2:00 – Turkey Sandwich

4:30- almonds & Crystal light

6:30 Hummus and veggie chips

8:30 Chicken tomato & mozzarella w/ asparagus and cauliflower

Thursday 6/23/11- 

8:00 Granola Bar &  Iced Coffee

10:00 – Egg Beaters & Veggies

1:00- Cottage Chz & pineapple

3:00 Enlgish Muffin Pizza

6:00- Black Olives

9:00- Boneless Pork Chop & Veggies

2- Summer Ale

Wednesday 6/22/11

11:00 Granola Bar

1:00 Turkey Sandwich w/ avocado and cheese stick

3:00- Almonds

5:00 Cottage Chz & pineapple

8:30- English Muffin Pizza

10:00- Italian Ice

Tue 6/21/11 – Lunch out with Beth

12:00 1 potato skin and a few chips and salsa

Margaritta (2)

Grilled Shrimp and avocado salad

4:00 – Cherries

8:30- Steak w/ onions corn and mushrooms

Monday 6/20/11 –

11:00 Granola Bar

3:00 Broccoli & Chz omelet

6:00 Granola Bar

9:00 Sushi General Tso’s chicken & broccoli

Mai Tai (1)

Budlight (1)

Sunday 6/19/20

10:00- Iced Cofee

11:00 2 eggs w/ veggie omelet

1:00 Almonds

4:30 Cottage Cheese

6:00 Almonds

9:00 Halibut & Spinach


Saturday 6/18/11 

10:00- english muffin and PB

12:00 Grapes

2:00 Subway turkey Sand

4:00 1/2 apple & granola Bar

6:00 – chicken breast

8:00 Ceasar salad light w/ bisquits

Becks light (3)

Friday 6/17/11-

11:00 Yogurt w/ grapes

1:00 almonds and Chz stick

2:30 apple walnut cranberry  salad

4:50- laughing cow and crackers

9:00 Turkey alvacado sandwich


Thursday 6/16/11 –

8:00- granola bar

9:30- Cherrios

12:30 Blueberries and cottage chz

2:30- Salad w/ egg and turkey bacon

4:30- laughing cow and crackers

6:30- almonds

8:30- 2egg omelet and veggies

MGD 64- 3

Wednesday 6/15/11

11:00 – Cheerios & Rasberries

2:00 Turkey Sand & Grapes

5:00 Black Olives

6:00 Beer- MGD 64 Lemon

8:30- Shrimp Stir Fry & glass of wine

Tuesday- 6/14/11

8:30- Granola Bar

10:30 Yogurt w/ bluberries

12:30 Turkey &Sw3iss Sandwich and side salad

2:30 Cottage Chz

5:00 – Chz & crackers

6:00- Cosmo

Monday 6/13/11 

10:30 Yogurt w/ lueberries and walnuts

12:30 Laughing cow & crackers

2:30 Cobb Salad

4:30 carrots & ranch

6:30 Turkey Slice

8:30 Steak & Zuchinni

Sunday 6/12/11 

8:00 Iced Coffee

9:00- Granola Bar

12:00 – Cheerios & Rasberries

2:00 Almonds

6:00 – Salmon & Veggies

8:00 – Chz & crackers

Beers- Budlights

Sat 6/11/11

10:00 Yogurt w/ Blueberry and Granola

12:30 Strawberries & Cottage Cheese

2:30 Gilled Chix & Veggies

4:30- Chz & Crackers

6:30 – Turkey bacon and Granola bar

8:30- Chicken Lettuce cups


Friday 6/10/11-

10:00-Banana Berry Smoothie

12:30- Strawberries & Cottage Cheese

2:30 Shrimp on Spinach w/ alvacado

4:30 – Almonds & Chz Stick

6:30 – Chicken, corn on cobb, potato (Emily Dinner Party)

8:30 Grilled Pineapple

Beers- Harpoon 4

Thur 6/9/11- 

8:00- Kashi Bar

10:00 – Yogurt w/ granola & almonds

12:30- Pineapple & Cottage Cheese

2:30- Tuna on Whole Wheat

5:00-Chz & Crackers

8:30- Grilled Chix & Asparagus

 Wed 6/8/11-

10:00 Cheerios w/raz and skim

12:30 Strawberries and cottage cheese

2:30 Salad- Chicken, pear and walnut

4:30 Black olives and Chz

6:30- Kashi bar

8:30- Turkey burger & Chz on Whole Wheat with honeydew melon

Tue 6/7/11 

10:30- Cherrios milk rasberries

12:30- carrot sticks and cottage chz

2:30 Chix w/ stirfry veg

4:30 – cheese stick with whole grain crackers

6:30- cucumbers with lemon juice

8:30- Boboli pizza slice with Cheese and black olives

Monday 6/6/11- 

10:30 – Yogurt w/ granola and Blueberries

12:30 – Chz stick and almonds

2:30 Wheat bread and Chz w/ honeydew melon

4:30 Chicken & stir fry veg

6:20- 2 pickles

8:30- Turkey Burger w/ mushrooms and chix/ Pickles, slice watermelon

Sunday 6/5/11

10:30 – yogurt w/ granola. walnuts, cottage chz w/pineapple

1:30- ceasar & Chicken with 2 glasses Pinot (lunch with Liza)

4:30 – cucumber & chz stick – BL

6:30- Margaritta

8:30- Chicken w/hot sauce & sauteed zucchini 3 Beers

Friday 6/1/11 Vits-yes

10:30 PB & Banana on English Muffin w/ Iced Cofee

12:30- pineapple cup

3:30- salad w/ chix & light ceasar  w/ grapes



Wednesday 6/1/11 Vits- yes

10:30- yogurt

1:00 – special K bar

2:30 Turkey on WW w/ alvacado




Wednesday 5/25/11 Vits- yes

10:30- Cheerios & Skim Milk

12:30- strawberries and truvia

2:30- yo crunch (yogurt w/granola) & piece of Jerky

4:30- Luna bar


8:30- Chilli’s- 1/2 quesdilla & 2 fajitas

1 margaritta

Monday 5/2/11 Vits –

B- Bagel w. not butter and strawberries with whip cream

L- Turkey and Alvacado on toast

Sunday 5/1/11 Vits- yes

B- Egg Sandw/ bacon and swiss, strawberries

L- Lean Cusine Pizza w/ diet rootbeer

D- Chicken Sausge and peppers w/ light ceasar salad

S-Peanut Butter IceCream

Saturday 4/30/11 Vits- yes

B- Yogurt w. granola Iced Med Decaf

S- Peanut Butter M&Ms

L- Pastas Salad w/ grilled chicken and 1/2 Banana

S- Almonds

D- Turkey Bacon and Alvacado Panini w/ sweet potato fries

Monday 4/18/11 Vits-

B- Iced Coffee and Asiago Cheese Bagel

Thursday 4/14/11  Vits-

B- Dunks Choc frosted doughnut- (270) Coffee with creamer- (50)


L- Panera Bread Chicken Cobb Salad (500) Bread 150

S- werthers candy (60)


S- Ultra –

Wed 4/13/11 Vits- Yes

B- Onion Bagel w/ creamchz Large Iced coffee

L- Lean cusine w/ ice tea

D- BLT on whole wheat w/ diet coke

S- Popcorn and vanilla wafers

Sat 4/9/11 Vits- yes

B- Banana and large ice coffee

S- Oatmeal Squares

L- Grilled chicken on salad with Vingrette

D- Left over Pizza


Friday- 4/8/11  Vits- No

B- Asiago Bagel w/Cream Cheese

L- D’Angelo’ Chix Stir Fry pocket

D- Pizza with Chick and Feta Cheese

S- Mich Ultra- 4

Thursday- 4/7/11 Vits-yes

B- Iced Coffee & Activia

L- Roast Beef Sandwich on Bulky

S- Pretzel and Hummus

S- Almonds

D- Pinot Griogio and Lean Cusine

Wednesday 4/7/11 – Vits- yes

B- Coffee and Activia yogurt

S- Half Banana

L- Turkey Sandwich w/alvacado on WholeWheat

D- Salmon w/mango salsa, spinach, risotto

S- gummie fish

Wednesday 3/30/11 Vits-

B- greek yogurt, banana, coffee

S- almonds

L- Cobb Salad

S- Beef Jerky

D- Pizza 2 slices thin crust

S- Pinot Grigio- 1- 4oz glass

Monday- 3/28/11 H20-

L- Turky, harvatti, alvacado on white bread toasted w/ Mich Ultra

S- Harpoon

D- Chicken Mango Quesdilla w/ Cucumber Martini

Thursday 3/24/11 H20 – 64oz

B- english mufffin with PB

L- Soup and bread

S- pretzels


Wednesday 3/23/11 H20- 32oz

B- English Muffin w/ PB

L- Chicken soup and rootbeer

D-Steak caesar salad and cosmo

S- Budlights

Saturday 3/19/11 H20-   Vits-  yes

B- Banana and strawberry yogurt

Tuesday 3/15/11 H2O-    Vits-yes

B- English Muffin w/ PB Med ICed coffee

Monday – H2O-32oz    Vits-no

B- Coffee

L- Red Robin Burger w/ fries

D- Salad w/ chicken and goat cheese

S- WW ice cream bar, Gummi bears

Thursday (H2O-      Vits-yes)

B- Banana & Iced Coffee

L- Pizza Baked Potato

S- Banana

Wednesday 3/9/11  (H2O-320z     Vits-yes)

B- Egg on Whole Wheat w/ swiss cheese and canadian bacon

L- Jambalya


D- Baked Potato Pizza, Salad, Pinot Grigio

Tuesday 3/8/11  (H2o-32oz       Vits-yes)

B- PB on English Muffin

L- Italian Grinder

D- Jambalaya

Monday 3/7/11

L-Lobster Mac and cheese

D- Italian Grinder w/fries

Sunday 3/6/11  (H2o-16oz     Vits- No)

B- Frittata and homefries Mimosa

L- Bloody Mary crackers

D- Lobster Mac and Cheese Beer

Saturday 3/5/11  (H2o-     Vits-yes)

B- Coffee

L- Salad w/ chic,egg,black olives, poppie seed dressing

S- Skinny Girl Marg

D- Tomoato basil Mozz Pizza w/ Cosmo & Armsby Abbey Beer

S- Pinot Grigio

Friday 3/4/11  (H2O- 12oz     Vits- yes)

B- banana & coffee

S- English Muffin w/ PB

L- Mushroom soup wit bread bowl

D- Bisson Burger w/ fries from “Whowaa Fricken Awesome”3 bluemoon

Thursday  3/3/11 (H20-  20oz   Vits-yes)

B- Coffee English Muffin w/ PB

L- Chix broccoli pizza

S- Reeses pieces eggs

D-  Restaurant week- The registry- Stuffed Portobello Mushroom, Garden veggie pasta, Apple pie w/ ice cream Cosmo, white wine

Wednesday 3/2/11   (H20-  4oz    Vits- No)

B-English Muffin w/ PB  Mocha Madness Iced Coffee Honey Dew Med

L- Turkey sand w/ alvacado on whole wheat

S- Banana

D- Chix broccoli pizza & Diet Coke

S- Frozen Choc dipped Banana

Tuesday 3/1/11 (H2O  -32oz  Vits-yes)

B- Coffee, English muffin w/ PB

L- Subway turkey 6inch

D- Baked Cod w/ asparagus and rice   Diet coke

S- 2 WW ice cream bars

Monday 2/28/11 (H2O-  32oz / Vits-yes) Day 2

B- Coffee

L- Omlette w/ Chz and mushroom & Apple

S- Brie and Bread

D- BBQ- Urban SmokeHouse! Pulled Pork Sandwich and Fries w/ Ice Tea

Sunday 2/27/11  (H2O – 28oz Vits-yes ) Day 1

Brunch- Cheese Fritatta w/ homefries

S- Tostitos chips

D- Pork Chops and Veggies

S- WW Ice Cream Bar

Saturday 2/26/11 (H2O-32oz   Vits-yes )

B- Iced Coffe and Banana

S- Yogurt

L- Subway Flatbread chiken sand w/ Diet coke

S- Crackers and Corona Light

D- Crackers

S- Pinot Grigio

Friday- 2/25/11 (H2O-44 oz  Vits-yes   )

B- Yogurt, grapes, Whole Wheat Toast w/ PB & Coffee

L- Chef Salad w/ Turkey, Ham, Chz and Ranch Dressing

D- Chicken Tacos Corona Light

S- Margaritta (2)

Thurday 2/24/11 (H20-  38oz     Vits-yes )

B- yogurt & coffee

S- Banana

L- Scoop Tuna on Romain lettuce

D- Chinese- PuPu plate w/ fried rice and Pinot Grigio

S- BlueMoon – 3

Wednesday 2/23/11  (H2O- 52oz      Vits-yes)

B- WW toast w/ almon butter and banana w/ coffee

L- Chix salad on criossant & red grapes

D- Left over Lasagna

S- WW Icecream bar

Tuesday 2/22/11 (H2O- 58oz    Vits-yes)

B- WW toast w. Almond butter

L- Veggie/Chix Lasagna leftovers

D- Anitpasto- Mushroom, olives,salmi, cheeses, bread, grapes,   wine  Piece chocolate

Monday 2/21/11  (H20- 28  Vits-no)

Brunch- Veggie and asiago cheese Frittata w/ roasted homefries and Coffee

S- Swedish Fish & Beef Jerky – 2 Blue Moon

D- Chix and Veggie  WW pasta Lasagna w/ glass Pinot Nior

Sunday 2/20/11  (H20- 32oz       Vits-No)

L- Wormtown Brewery- Calamari and Wintah Beer and Beer of month

S- EVO Bar and Grille~App sampler- Bread bruscetta, rizotto balls, spring rolls, Shocktop

D- Mushroom and spinach pizza w/ pinot grigio 2 wachusette

Saturday 2/19/11  (H20- 64oz    Vits- yes)

B- Coffee WW toast w/ almond butter

L- Turkey on WW w/ alvacado and pineapple

D- Turkey Meatballs and turkey sausage over WW pasta w/ blueberry Wachusette

S- Swedish Fish, left over BBQ pizza

Friday 2/18/11  (H20- 84oz   Vits –  yes )

B- WW toast w/ almond butter and banana

L-Subway 6″ Turkey Sand w/ Light & Fit yogurt

S- small heart shaped chocolate

D- Bottle of Pinot- fried mushrooms, skins, BBQ Pizza (serious emotional eating- Nerves & Stress)

Thurday 2/17/11 (H2O-52oz      Vits- yes)

B- Lg Dunks Ice w/ skim 2 splenda WW toast w/amond butter & banana

L- Turkey & Alvacado Sandwich on WW w/strawberries

S- Banana & 1 piece of beef jerky

D- White pizza w/ broccoli& Dietcoke

S-Swedish fish

Wednesday 2/16/11 (H2O- 28oz       Vits-yes)

B- Lg Honey Dew Mocha Madness  Ice Coffee WW toast w/ Almond butter and strawberries

L- Turkey Sand on WW w/ alvacado and pinapple chunks

D- Ramen Noodles w/ pinot grigio

S- 2 heart chocolates and swedish fish w/ pinot grigio

Tuesday- 2/15/11  (H2o- 32oz    Vits-yes)

B- Strawberried and rasberries w/ Coffee

S- Special K Bar

L- Tostitos and swedish fish

D- Diet Coke and Roast Beef &  Swiss Pannini more swedish fish

S- WW ice cream bar

Monday- 2/14/11 VALENTINES DAY (H20-12oz Vits-yes)

B- egg and whole wheat, strawberies and cream & Pinapple with coffee

S- Few tostitos & Berry Leinenkugel

D- Scallops and clams, Endive Salad, Lamb w/sweet potatoes and zuchini w/ red wine

S- Puff Pastry w/ fruit and grandmariner whip cream

Sunday 2/13/11 (H20-   Vits-No)

L-Mushroom swiss burger, bloody Mary,  bluemoon

S- Spring Blue Moons – 6  a few cupcake tops and finger licking frosting

D- Pretzels

Saturday 2/12/11  (H2O-     Vits-yes)

B- HoneyDew Mocha Iced Coffe & Banana


L-Salad- Chix,egg, blueberry & strawberry

D- Stuffed Mushroom Bottle Pinot

Friday 2/11/11 (H20- 24oz   Vits-yes )

B- Coffee, Cheerios w/ Banana

L- Salad with, Chix, egg, blueberry and strawberry w/  Dressing Strawberry Chardonay

D- 3 slices FrozenCheese Pizza w/  6 Blue Moons

S- valentine popcorn & swedish fish

Thurday 2/10-11 (H20- 64oz   Vits-yes)

B- Coffee and Cheerios w/ Banana

S- Special K bar

L- Roast Beef sandwich on roll w/ hummus and pretzels

D- Chipolte Burrito Bowl & Diet Coke

Wednesday 2/9/11 (H2O-48oz   Vitamins- Yes)

B- Coffee, Cheerios w/ Banana

L- Turkey Sand on WW w/ Blueberries and pretzels and hummus

D- Sushi- Lobster roll, Dynamite Roll, Mt Fugi roll- Scorpian Bowl

S- Pinot Grigio bite of beef jerky, swedish fish

Tuesday 2/8/11 (H2O-  48oz     Vitamins-Yes)

B-English Muffin w/ almond butter & Coffee

S- Banana

L- Hot and Sour Soup (Ron’s homemade)

D- Turkey Panini on Whole Wheat with alvacado and FF Mozzerrella & Diet Coke

Monday 2/7/11 (H20- 12oz /Vitamins-No)

L- Turkey Panini w/ cheese and alvacado on wheat bread w/ diet coke

D- Porkchop w/lime papaya chutney &  potatos w/ mixed veggies.

S- Gummi Bears & WW Ice Cream bar

Sunday 2/6/11 – Superbowl Sunday (H20 – 48oz Vitmains No)

B- Banana w/ Med Dunks Ice, skim 2 splenda

S- Pretzels

Super Bowl Party- Bluemoons and budlights, vodka & Cran OJ

Brie Cheese w/ pears

Buffalo Chicken Dip w/ chips

Guacamole w/ chips



Ohhhhh My!

Saturday 2/5/11 (H20-   32oz, Vitamins-No) ~P~

B- Banana and coffee w/ FF Creamer

L- Veggie Soup & Special K

S-Mini M & M

S- Black Bean Tostito’s

D- Diet Coke, Boboli Wheat Pizza w/ Cheese and black Olives

S- 2 budlights

Friday 2/4/11 (H20-  32/ Vitamins- yes )~P~

B- Dunks Med Ice w/ skim & Dunks Flatbread egg white

L- Veggie Soup

S- Banana

S- M&M minis snack pack & Diet coke

D- Turkey sausage and pancakes w/ light syrup

S- WW Ice cream bar

Thurday 2/3/11 ( H20- 32oz      Vitmanins-yes)~P~

B- English Muffin w/ Almond Butter

S- Banana

L- Veggie soup w/breadstick & Diet Coke

D- Shrimp w/ spinach and tomato w/ 2 Harpoon IPA

Wednesday 2/2/11 (H20-52    Vitamins -yes)

B- Coffee w/ FF creamer &  english muffin w/ almond butter

L- Veggie Soup and Special K crackers

D- Chicken Sausage, peppers and onions over  Pasta with Veggie Smart red sauce, side salad with oil and vinegar, 2 pieces of cheese bread- 2 bluemoons.

S- 3 Bluemoons, 1 swedish fish

Tuesday 2/1/11 (H20- 44oz    Vitamins-yes)

B- Whole Wheat toast w/ almond butter Small Coffee w/ skim

s- Banana & special K snack  Bar

L- Egg, english muffin and pineapple

S- Special K Crisps & pretzels Budlight

D- Shrimp, tomatoe, spinach, garlic over rice w/ 4 Glasses of wine

S- 1/2 Polar Bear Cupcake

Monday 1/31/11 (H20- 28oz   Vitamins- no  )

Brunch- 1 egg and 1 white mushroom omelette w/ banana & Coffee w/ FF creamer

S- Med Ice Dunks w/skim 2 slenda, 3 plain munchkins & a few mini M & Ms, some frosting of my fingers while cupcake making

D- Diet Coke, Steak, Asparagus & cauliflower puree

S- WW Ice cream bar

Sunday 1/30/11 (H20 – 24oz Vitamins-no)

BBanana & Dunks Ice Coffee Med

S- English Muffin w/ almond butter

L- Lake Side Bar & gill~  4 chix wings & Crock of French Onion,2 bluemoons

S- Bowling ~ 3 budlights

D- 4 bakedskinny jalapeno poppers & 1 small slice pepperoni pizza (boboli) 3 budlights

S- Special K Snack Crisps w/ dill dip (1/2 light cream cheese and greek yogurt w/dill)   4 budlights

Saturday 1/29/11 (H20 –  48oz      Vitamins-yes)

B- Banana & Dunks Coffee w/ 2 splenda & skim

L- Turkey Sand on Whole Wheat w/ Swiss & Alvacado/Carrott sticks & hummus/Diet Coke

S- Pineapple chunks

D- Chix w/ caesar light salad & Glass of Chardonnay

D- Beck’s Light Beer- 2

Friday 1/28/11  H20- 46 oz        Vitamins-yes

B- Special K, skim, strawberries, coffee 1 splenda

S- Banana

L-Turkey sand, swiss, alvacado, Diet Coke & pineapple

S- Mayflower Martini

D-  PF CHANGS: Split lettuce chicken wrap apps, SeaBass w/ spinach,  a few sea scallops off Ron’s plate & 2 Glasses of Pinot Grigio

S- 1/2 of a 3 layer choc mousse from Whole Foods w/ glass  of red wine

Thurday 1/27/11 (H2O-   53 oz      Vitamins-yes)

B-Special k w/Strawberries& Skim/ small coffee with skim splenda

L- Turkey on Whole Wheat with light mayo,swiss & 10 tostido baked chips & Diet Coke

D- Baked Chicken, Red Bliss potato, roasted cauliflower ~ glass red wine

S- 3 Harpoon UFO Beers

Wednesday 1/26/11 ( H20- 64oz Vitamin-yes)

B- Special k, skim, strawberries

L- Turkey Sand on Light Wheat, slice swiss, 1 tsp light mayo & a pear

S- 30 little swedish fish

D- Shrimp & Veg stir fry with rice/ Diet coke


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