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Fab Finds Fridays December 17, 2010

#11 Fruday Feb 25, 2011 Emu Oil Anti- Aging Cream –  The name says it all.  Yes, this is made from an Emu! 


#10-  Friday Feb 18, 2011  BARGAIN!!!  Buying stuff  WAAAAAAYYYYY out of season.  I got these cute pumkins from Bed Bath and Beyond for $1.99.  Even the big one was only 2 bucks!   I can’t wait to  serve up some pumkin soup in them. 

#9- Friday Feb 11, 2011 Special K- chips.  OMG.  Holy delicious.   

#8 – Friday Feb 4, 2011  Pictionary for the Wii!  I love it.  The good thing about the Wii system  is that they are always coming out with new things.     We got the Wii Pictionary game for Christmas

from my cousin Phil and me and Ron LOVE IT!!  The 1st time we played I laughed so hard I cried!   

#7 Friday Jan 28, 2011

Everyone needs a good face cleaner.  Since I am working out more that means sweating more.  I picked up this foaming cleanser by BIORE.  It gives a little tingle and is really light.  I like it alot.      

#6 Friday Jan 21, 2011

SALE SALE SALE!  This year I have been killing the after Christmas sales.  These Cricut cartridges I got that were originally $89.99 for only  $10.00!! AWESOME

#5 Friday Jan 14, 2011

YUM YUM YUM!  I try not to do to many fab food finds since it is counter productive to my weight loss effort but these things are too good not to write about!  They have been nick named CRACK!  Once you start you can’t stop with these suckers.  They are 4WW points per 10 chips and they taste great alone, no need for salsa or cheese.

#4 Friday Jan 7, 2011

“Dont you just love a bargain?”  ~ sing along!

  I just found the best buy on a DYSON vacuum.  I have wanted one of these puppies but the price tag was way out of reach at $500.  I was so excited to find one at Target for an after Christmas sale for only $224.50.  My dogs hair has killed about 4 vacuums in 8 years so I have spent alot replacing them.    I love this vacuum and I love the 5 year warranty that comes with it!       

#3- Friday Dec 31, 2010

The most delicious beer of the holidays.  They are 5 WW points plus but they are just too yummy not to try.

#2 ~ Friday Dec 24, 2010

Right Handed Ring- The Paper Store

I love all the jewelry at the Paper Store by Hallmark but the right-handed rings that are in fashion now seem to catch my eye the most.  I bought this big green sparkly one for Christmas.

  (Shown on right hand by my hand model BC)

#1 ~ Friday Dec 17, 2010

My Fab Find for this friday is a yoga DVD that I think is awesome.  AM/ PM Yoga, the AM gets your blood pumping and gets you all stretched and ready to take on the day while the PM is a lot longer stretches and it perfect for after my night workouts, with lots of twist and deep breathing.


2 Responses to “Fab Finds Fridays”

  1. Colleen Soares Says:

    I think you should be on TV.
    SCREW all the Kardashians. You are flippin hilarias!!!

  2. Olen Levins Says:

    Emu oil is an oil rendered from the fat of the emu, Dromaius novaehollandiae, a bird indigenous to Australia.[1][2] Emu oil and eucalyptus oil have been used historically in Australian aboriginal traditional medicine for fevers, coughs, minor pain, arthritic joints, bruises, cuts and sores.`

    Current post produced by our own homepage

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