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Day Trip Part 2- Nashoba Valley Winery Tasting and Picnic Lunch August 3, 2011

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Nashoba Valley Winery is a really cool winery in Bolton Ma.   Ron and I had been there before in the Fall for Sunday Brunch at the restaurant and then a tasting.  When we went on a sunday in the fall the place was PACKED with people and it was crazy.    It was so different on a monday in summer.  We went at a great time and there was only another 2 couples in the whole place.

The wine building is separate from the restaurant and it is a  wood building with a wrap around porch with outdoor seating.

The building inside is a large great room with wall to wall bottles of wine and a small bar for tastings.

The tasting is really good deal.  You get to try 5 wines and keep the glass for only $4.00

They grow apples, peaches and plums as well as grapes on the property so they make some really different flavored wines.  I tried the Vignoles, Strawberry Rubarb, Dry Pear, Semi Sweet Blueberry and Cyser.

We bought a bottle of Vignoles. From the Website~Produced as a dry wine, our estate Vignoles is rich with tropical notes of pineapple, melon, honey and citrus. A soft and subtle approach finishes with a lingering hint of green apple and a lush display of fruit. 

We sat out on the porch and grabbed the cooler from the car.  There is a great view of the orchards and a perfect grape-vine covering the veranda.

The Vineyard used to only do fruit wines but in 2008 they started their first grape wines.  They also do beer and some spirits including Vodka, Brandy and Gin.

We split a turkey avocado and a chicken salad sandwich.  Paired perfect with the crisp white wine.

Ron enjoying his wine.

I love this place.  We are going back in the fall for some apple picking.(and drinking)  Who is coming with us?


Fab Fourth Flashback July 21, 2011

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I have been such a busy bee latley I have not had the chance to blog about my amazing vacation or my trip to “The Basin Harbor Club” but those post will be coming……eventually.  Today I will post about my  festive  Fourth of July.

On the 3rd of July I stopped off at Wawaloam Camp Ground in Exeter R.I.  for a little family fun and birthday wishes to my Aunt Erin and Uncle  Mike for their big 40!  I didn’t get any pics of the cake or the cards (I told you I am a bad blogger)  But then the golf cart parade came through camp throwing candy to the crowds and I remembered to grab the camera.  

Due to the rain it was a little smaller this year than in the past but still fun for kids.

My Uncles  built a little shelter from the storm and the rain passed quickly.

With the sun out it was time for me to go but it is always hard to say goodbye to this guy.

I headed to Newport RI and  The Newport Bay Club  with a few very dear friends for some fun and festivities.

We kicked off the day with this………Oh boy!  If you know whose feet these are you probably had a really good 4th of July.

Then we headed to a pool party for a few of these…..

The BBQ was decorated with a TON of flags and looked truely patriotic.

We headed back to the hotel and ended the night with some perfect fireworks over Newport Harbor.  Again I forgot to take any photos but I got this one online.

Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday America!


Floating Art – SEAFAIR July 9, 2011

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I was in Newport this last weekend for the 4th of July holiday and got a chance to check out a pretty cool art exhibt for FREE!

The “Megayacht Venue” is a really cool concept.    The boat was awe inspiring alone never mind the $$$ inside this thing.

It was hard to take a picture of the size.  The boat was docked at the end of the Perry Mill Wharf and will be there until Sept 5th, they were allowing free access until 9pm the day we went down.

They had a red carpet down to the entrance where they check you in.

There were three floors of art all by different artist and different styles.  Paintings, photography, blown glass, silver, jewlrey and sculptures.

 The best part of the ship was the top floor!  They had a bar and a few tables over looking Newport Harbor.

You can’t beat that view!

We asked a few NOT so nice people to take a picture of us.  They did it only after giving us a look like we had 10 heads!

“Hey Jerks you know how many tourists we have had to take pictures of the the last 30 years living here?” ~

 Smile!   Your on a “Megayacht”

For more information on this boat check out the website


EVO – Worcester, MA February 23, 2011

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EVO~ American Dining EVOLVED~   Ron and I checked out the bar at EVO.  They have a cool trendy bar that has a fun water sculpture type thing that changes colors.

We sat at the bar and I ordered a “Shock Top” and Ron went for a “Sierra Nevada”

The menu is as trendy as the water feature.  They have an open kitchen and you can see the Chef’s working away.    We couldn’t decide between all the apps so we went with the Sampler.  From their Website~

Taste our Favorites: Crispy Chicken Bites, Tuscan Bruschetta, Baked Spinach and Artichoke Dip,Egg Rolls and Arancini.  ~$16.00


The bread was warm and slightly grilled.  The spinach dip was the creamest I have ever had.  They make it with a blend of three cheeses.  IT was freaking amazing.


I didn’t know what Arancini was but it is a Pesto Risotto and Mozerella ball fried and served with marinara sauce.  OMG!  Love~

They served the Bruschetta with tomato, roasted red peppers, red onion, garlic, olive oil, balsamic and  GARLIC!  lots of garlic.    The bread was chewy and crunchy.  Perfection.

I was getting full and didn’t try any of the chicken strips but I did save room for an egg roll.   They had good flavor and were served with a garlicy soy dipping sauce.

They have Vegan and Glutten Free options for all those new aged dieters out there BUT they also have an amazing bottle beer selection for all us non-treandy types.

We went on a Sunday afternoon and they had a Brunch and Breakfast Menu  that we HAVE to go back for.   Loved EVO!


Wormtown Brewery ~ Worcester, Ma February 21, 2011

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Next week is restaurant week in “The Woo” and Ron and I decided to get an early start on checking out some Restaurants.  The 1st place we are checking out is “Peppercorns which is connected to the local brewery Wormtown.   Ron has ordered this beer at a few local places and I called to see if they do brewery tours and the brewer told me they are only 250 sqft and not much of a tour would be needed but that we should come have lunch next door and can sample all the brew there.  ~Ok!

The Wormtown does not bottle their own beer but do offer growlers for sale.   The growlers can be purchased at the bar but they only take cash for them.  Ok, Who carries cash?  Not us, looks like we are going home without one. 

I decided to go for the “WINTAH”  From their Website~

 Wormtown Brewery’s Winter Seasonal is an American Brown Ale. Mahogany Brown in color with malty aroma and hints of toasted brown bread. Medium body highlighting luscious malt flavor and aftertaste of roasty cocoa.

It was a darker beer that they served in a snifter.  It was delicious.  It looks really dark but it does not taste like a stout or Guiness style, it is like the Harpoon Winter Warmer without as much spice.

Ron went with the “BE HOPPY”. From their Website~ 

Reddish-gold hazy unfiltered brew. Pungent aroma of citrus, floral spice, and grapefruit. Decidedly bitter palate with a medium light body. Flavors of hoppy grapefruit give way to a dry finish. Our Hop Back and Double Dry Hop process ensure aromatics that are in your face coupled with an obscene amount of kettle hops that should make all bitter beer fans and hop heads love Wormtown’s Be Hoppy I.P.A.!

I tried a sip and it was much to “hoppy” for me.  It had a really strong finish of hops and was too bitter.

We decided to try the calamari.  They had plan, cajun or Tuscan.

It was  yummy.  There were a few to  many peppers that added a spice that I found manageable.    I usually don’t do spicy but this was flavorful.

The spicy peppers lent itself well to the 2nd beer choice.  Ron and I both went for the bartenders recommendation of “Bennie’s Brew”  Website~

Cream Ale one of our brewmasters favorite styles that he had not brewed. This Brew is an American style lager fermented with our house ale yeast. Pale Gold in color. Clean faint malt and corn aroma. Tastes slightly sweet up front with background corn. Dry finish with a hint of specialty malt and corn sweetness. Use of flaked maize and rice syrup give this an authentic adjunct malt profile. One of our lightest beers to date.

I think the Wormtown Brew at Peppercorns is a great place to enjoy some local beers.    They have a great lunch menu and something for everyone.   I can’t wait for Worcester Restaurant Week. 


Personal Trainer In Newport (No not me!) February 18, 2011

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One of my best friends just became a certified personal trainer and since this is a fitness blog too I wanted to give her a big SHOUT OUT!!    Anyone in Newport looking for a personal trainer?  I wish I lived closer I would love to do her summer bootcamp!   Check out Em’s  classes starting at the YMCA next month.  Not a Y member?  She will come to you!   Fitness and Fun.     Here is her info~  

Exercise with Em Emily Morris Livingston AFAA Certified Personaltrainer CPR, AED, Insured

Lets get moving!
Let me motivate you to challenge yourself to come out of your comfort zone and achieve your fitness goals. Optimal results you will see and feel!


Just a few of the amazing benefits of physical fitness…
  •  Decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass
  •  Decrease risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and various other life altering diseases

  •  Decrease anxiety & depression, increase feelings of well being
  •  improve heart & lung function, decrease blood pressure


One on one training

Hour Sessions

$35 my house/ 5 sessions for $150

$45 your house or outdoor location/5 sessions for $200

Half Hour Sessions

$20 my house/5 sessions for $75

$25 your house or outdoor location/5 sessions for $100

~Bring a friend + $10 hr./$5 half hr. (your house/outdoor location only)

~Optional body fat measurements & weigh ins~New client and referral discounts

Bootcamp *Summer bootcamp will be held at beautiful Fort Adams State Park. Please join me in an invigorating outdoor military style workout with results!

$225 ~ 8 week session, 2x/wk. ~ Dates/times TBA 8-10 ppl. per group, optional body fat measurements & weigh ins. Optional nutritional counseling with a registered Dietician for an additional fee

Commit, challenge, change… 401~787~8824
**Pricing is subject to change call for details
*** This is not a paid advertisment this is just my shout out!  

PF Changs Date Night February 2, 2011

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Ron and I have been planning on using this  gift card to PF Changs  since before Christmas.    We drove to Natick Mall on a freezing cold friday night.  I ordered a glass of Estancia Pinot Grigio.  We sat at the bar and I took a few quick pics of all the yummy food. 


We are usually not a fan of chain restaurants.  We are not food snobs but if we are given a choice we would go to ta local place over a chain.  BUT~ we also will never let a gift card go to waste.

We split the Chicken lettuce Wraps that were listed as a signature item on the menu.  The were yummy.  We went with he lettuce wrap over our normal order of Calamari.  (Diet Win!) 

We both went with seafood and  they did not disappoint. I chose the OOLONG MARINATED SEA BASS *
A great catch steeped in Oolong tea, broiled and served with sweet ginger soy and spinach.    LOVE!

Ron ordered the KUNG PAO  SCALLOPS
A quick-fired traditional dish with peanuts, chili peppers and scallions.  Both were brilliant choices!

The pictures are a little blurry because I am new to this food blogging business and was trying to take the pictures fast and without bringing any attention to myself.  It is kinda hard when you are seated at a busy bar on a friday night. 

On the way home we stopped at Whole Foods for a bottle of wine and some dessert.  Triple Chocolate Mousse and Pinot Noir!  To. Die. For.

I pointed out to Ron that the good thing about food blogging is you can always go back and remember what wines you liked and what ones were – so,so.  Ron REALLY liked this bottle. 

I think it went really well with the chocolate mousse.  Another red wine WIN for me.  I have been trying different red wines with food and becoming a fan.

Every bite was mouth-watering!