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RedBox Movie Reviews June 19, 2011

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I have seen some BAD, I mean bad, really bad horrible movies lately!

The good thing about RedBox is that they are only $1.00 so at least I don’t have to spend $6 bucks to see a really shitty movie.

The 1st up was “The Roomate”

The Roommate Film

OMG…..horrible.  I kind of figured it was not going to be great but it was really bad.  It was laughable.

The 2nd I had more hope for and it was a total disappointment.    I was hoping for a “Silence of the Lambs” scary movie but it was boring and never really got started, by the time the scary stuff happened I was already falling asleep.  The only saving thing I thought was that it was based on true events, scary true events are cool.  I  love scary movies so it was a big let down.

The Rite Movie

Stay tuned for more movie reviews…….for tonight I rented “True Grit” with one of my favorite actors “The Dude” AKA Jeff Bridges.  I loved loved loved him in “Crazy Heart”

crazy heart trailer

If you have not seen it yet… it.  Like RIGHT NOW! It was sad though, sad but good.