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Why Not train for it anyway? August 8, 2011

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triathalon training plan 
  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Week Tot.
    Swim (med) Run (long) Bike (long) Run (med) Bike (med) Swim (long)  
Week# 1
S: 1100 Yd

R: 2.20 miles

B: 12.10 miles

R: 1.80 miles

B: 9.70 miles

S: 1400 Yd

S:2500 Yd

1h 05m

B: 21.8 Mi

1h 48m

R: 4 Mi

Week# 2
S: 1150 Yd

R: 2.50 miles

B: 13.40 miles

R: 2.00 miles

B: 10.70 miles

S: 1450 Yd

S:2600 Yd

1h 08m

B: 24.1 Mi

2h 00m

R: 4.5 Mi

Week# 3
S: 700 Yd

R: 1.60 miles

B: 8.40 miles

R: 1.20 miles

B: 6.70 miles

S: 900 Yd

S:1600 Yd


B: 15.1 Mi

1h 15m

R: 2.8 Mi

Week# 4
S: 1200 Yd

R: 2.60 miles

B: 14.00 miles

R: 2.10 miles

B: 11.20 miles

S: 1450 Yd

S:2650 Yd

1h 09m

B: 25.2 Mi

2h 05m

R: 4.7 Mi

1h 02m
Week# 5
S: 1250 Yd

R: 2.90 miles

B: 15.50 miles

R: 2.30 miles

B: 12.40 miles

S: 1550 Yd

S:2800 Yd

1h 12m

B: 27.9 Mi

2h 19m

R: 5.2 Mi

1h 08m
Week# 6
S: 1300 Yd

R: 3.20 miles

B: 17.20 miles

1h 05m
R: 2.60 miles

B: 13.80 miles

S: 1600 Yd

S:2900 Yd

1h 16m

B: 31 Mi

2h 35m

R: 5.8 Mi

1h 16m
Week# 7
B: 10.30 miles

R: 1.90 miles

S: 1000 Yd

R: 0.00 miles

S: 0 Yd

B: 0.00 miles

  S:1000 Yd


B: 10.3 Mi


R: 1.9 Mi


Shar-athalon. My mini tri-traning workout August 7, 2011

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So I decided to do a little mini triathalon work out on Saturday night.  I started with a 2 mile run on the treadmill.  It was a 7 min Run/3 min walk with a 5 min warm up.  That portion took about 25 minutes.  Than I jumped on the bike for a 5 mile ride in about 20 minutes.

The swim was next……

I had to figure out how long a mile was in the pool at my apartment.  I was told it was 110 feet long.  So I googled how many feet in a mile.

1 mile = 5280 feet

So that means 24 laps, now I know I will not be able to keep track of that many laps so I needed to make a homemade abacus.   I went to the dollar store and picked up a bag of plastic beads and used 2 plastics cups.  Each lap I moved one bead from the left to the right.  BRILLIANT! 


Just Because August 4, 2011

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Here is a card I made……..Just Because.

Today I worked out with Jef my trainer.

I did~

5 one arm rows 40lb each side (110 total)  (I complained it was heavy and his answer “Your strong stop pretending your not!”)

10 pushups (110 total)

15 squats (165 total)

11 X’s Through

Bench step ups – 10 per leg 2x’s

12 ~ 20 pound ball dead-lift to overhead press 2X’s

Ropes 1 arm waves – 30 seconds 2x”s

1 Arm kettle bell swings 10 each side 2x’s





Playlist to run to June 25, 2011

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I stole this Playlist from Peanut Butter Fingers blog.  I have had $27 dollars on my Itunes for a long time now and I just keep forgetting to get anything with it so when I saw this playlist I thought I would give it a  try.        I am not going to lie I am not really sure who “Mumford & Sons” or “Manian”   are but I am trying to be a little more hip to “what the kids” are listening to.

OK~ watch out Treadmill me and my tunes are coming for you!

Penny Pence at the Park June 23, 2011

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Lake Park is right down the street from me and I like to go and walk on the paths there.

Why do they call it lake park?  Cause there is a lake there silly!  Lake “Quin-sig”  as the locals call it.

I have never been swimming there as I am more of an ocean girl myself, but I would not be opposed to someone inviting me out on their boat for a little day drinking soaking up sun.  This guy did not stop to invite me alone.

Penny and I took off down the more shaded area

It was a really nice day to walk outside but Penny was not in the mood for a photo shoot.

Penny only likes the park  for about 5 minutes. She smells everything and then drags me back to the car.  She loves the old people and stops at the benches to let them pet her.

Not much exercise but  I was happy to head home for one of these.

Penny was just happy to be in the car.   This dog loves a good car ride.


Summer of Fitness June 3, 2011

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So I hired a personal trainer and I start on Tue June 7th!  I am doing a 3 month program and looking forward to a summer of getting my ass kicked by this guy…………


Turbo Boot Camp Instructor – Jef Bennett

As a lifelong sport and fitness enthusiast, Jef has over 20 years in many competitive activities including soccer, baseball, basketball, karate, strongman training and weightlifting. Recently he also played semi-pro football in the New England Football League, where he developed the strength & conditioning program for the lineman and linebackers.

Since becoming an International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) certified personal trainer he has trained individuals for a wide variety of fitness levels and goals. While training those involved in high school and college athletics with specific goals of increasing strength, speed, power and stamina, Jef is equally familiar with the goals of the general population to improve their general health and fitness.


Personal Trainer In Newport (No not me!) February 18, 2011

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One of my best friends just became a certified personal trainer and since this is a fitness blog too I wanted to give her a big SHOUT OUT!!    Anyone in Newport looking for a personal trainer?  I wish I lived closer I would love to do her summer bootcamp!   Check out Em’s  classes starting at the YMCA next month.  Not a Y member?  She will come to you!   Fitness and Fun.     Here is her info~  

Exercise with Em Emily Morris Livingston AFAA Certified Personaltrainer CPR, AED, Insured

Lets get moving!
Let me motivate you to challenge yourself to come out of your comfort zone and achieve your fitness goals. Optimal results you will see and feel!


Just a few of the amazing benefits of physical fitness…
  •  Decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass
  •  Decrease risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and various other life altering diseases

  •  Decrease anxiety & depression, increase feelings of well being
  •  improve heart & lung function, decrease blood pressure


One on one training

Hour Sessions

$35 my house/ 5 sessions for $150

$45 your house or outdoor location/5 sessions for $200

Half Hour Sessions

$20 my house/5 sessions for $75

$25 your house or outdoor location/5 sessions for $100

~Bring a friend + $10 hr./$5 half hr. (your house/outdoor location only)

~Optional body fat measurements & weigh ins~New client and referral discounts

Bootcamp *Summer bootcamp will be held at beautiful Fort Adams State Park. Please join me in an invigorating outdoor military style workout with results!

$225 ~ 8 week session, 2x/wk. ~ Dates/times TBA 8-10 ppl. per group, optional body fat measurements & weigh ins. Optional nutritional counseling with a registered Dietician for an additional fee

Commit, challenge, change… 401~787~8824
**Pricing is subject to change call for details
*** This is not a paid advertisment this is just my shout out!