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About September 1, 2010

Blogging just for the blog of it!  A fitness & weight loss journey with some crafts thrown in for good measure.  (or is it a craft blog with a side of fitness?!?)   Check out the Exercise Log to see all the hard work I have been putting in!


DISCLAIMER:  This is my blog.  I write about what I am doing & what I enjoy.  I spell shit wrong and my grammer is horrible.  If you read this to critic my use of “there” verse “their”  then you are (you’re)reading the wrong blog.  I buy stuff that I like and I write about it.  I have not ever and probably will never be given any free products to write about.  (If I ever do I will let you know, but that would mean someone was reading this besides my mom)


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Suzi McIntyre Says:

    Ther you are-you look just like the next Queen of England!

  2. Erik Moore Says:

    I’ve been recently getting into the blog scene myself, more towards health and wellness. It still needs a little work before I can say that I’m a bona fide blogger. Below is a link to my blog, if you want to take a look.

    I like your blog and I was wondering if you’d like to exchange blogrolls and/or links.

    Best Regards,
    Erik Moore

  3. Sharon Says:

    Hello Erik,

    I just checked out your blog and I love the jogging tips. I will add your link to my blogroll and would love if you do the same for me. Thanks again and I hope you have a happy and healthy summer. 🙂

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