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Acorn Cupcakes October 28, 2011

Filed under: Crafts,HELLO CUPCAKE CHALLENGE — Sharon @ 11:41 am

I loved how simple and easy these cupcakes are.  Besides the stuff to make the cupcakes all you need it Hershey kisses and something for the top.  I used mini pecan sandies but I know other options are chocolate melting chips or mini  Nilla wafers.    I also saw some mini nutter butters that would be perfect. 

Unwrap all the kisses.  I did mini cupcakes with one acorn on each and a few large cupcakes with 2 on top.  One bag of kisses is more than enough.

To glue the tops and bottoms I used chocolate frosting.  I also added a little stem.

I made a bunch of these first so when I frosted the cupcakes I could stick an acorn to each one.

I couldn’t decide is I wanted to make them green or leave the frosting white.  So I made one of each first.  I decided I didn’t love the color and couldn’t get the right shade of green.


I know these look very simple but somehow I still manage to make a total mess.

I had some fall leaf sprinkles that were perfect for these cupcakes. Here is the final results.

I brought these cupcakes to the campground for the Halloween celebrations.    I had some left over batter so I made some larger ones for the guys at work. 


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