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Triathlon- The return of the blog October 25, 2011

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Sorry to all my bloggies, I have no excuses for my lack of blog posts lately……I apologize.

To kick of the return of the blog I am going to blog about my TRIATHLON!!!  Yes.  Bike, Run, Swim.  I did the SheRox triathlon Series in Webster MA, on 9/25/11  It was my 1st time trying anything like this and I was nervous and excited. 

Ron and I got to the race start at 6am and started to set up the transition area.  I had brought a little ribbon to put on my bike seat to mark my spot.  We walked down the water to get a feel for temp and took this photo of the sun coming up.


The race started out with a 1/2 mile swim.  It went out in groups by age and everyone got a race cap for the age group they were in.  I was in the green caps.  30 somethings.  It reminded me of girl scout camp when I would do early morning swims to earn my frog badge and get out of the tadpole group.  

 I used to be a lifeguard as well and swam on the swim team in highschool so the swim portion was the best part of the race for me.

It was still pretty tiring though.  I finished in 16 minutes.   Then I headed up the hill to where the transition area was.  The time in transition was just over 10 mins.  My 1st Tri was all about finishing but the next Tri I will be about trying to beat my own time and I know I can knock time off by going faster from one thing to the next.

My Cheer squad was there waiting as I came of the water.

Here I am taking my time to dry off and get ready to jump on the bike.  Change my top, put on shoes.

Then it was off for a 12 mile bike ride.  This look me 1 hour and 16 mins.

The time on the bike was the hardest for me.  I realized even though I had been on long bike rides that I never did any races and the pace was challenging to keep up with.  Everyone that I had beat in the water was now easily passing me on the bike.  I knew I was just in the race to finish but hearing “passing on the right” every 2 seconds as people went by was ANNOYING!  I think now that i have a new bike I will enter some races next year to get used to the faster pace.  Plus there was a HILL that was NO JOKE straight up that seemed to go on FOREVER.    The  coolest  thing about the 12 mile bike ride is that I went from MA to RI and CT all in one ride……3 states!!  Pretty Cool.


Then there was the run.  It was a 2.9 mile run and no hills.  I was feeling pretty good all through the run. You can’t wear ear phones so no music for safety reason.  I had been training with my ipod and using it to time my run and my speed.  I have one of those things for your shoe that tell you how what pace you are going.   I tried to pace myself out but didn’t want to race to fast and burn out.  I did a walk/run combo and finished in 41:15.   The whole race with transitions on the official website was 2 hours 16 minutes.  I was happy with that for my 1st Tri. 

I felt great when I crossed the finish line.  I was feeling pretty high.  I was also happy to see my family all waiting for me.  My cheerleader section was pretty full and I loved having them all there. 

She swims, She Bikes, She Runs……..SheRox!  A great all women’s triathlon series. 


2 Responses to “Triathlon- The return of the blog”

  1. Denise Mathis Says:

    Right on Sha!!! You do Rock! we’ve all always known that!

    Just a hint to maybe make your bike portion easier. It looks like your fit on your bike may not be correct. At full extension your legs should be just short of straight. It looks as though your seat maybe too low. I’m probably mistaken, but it maybe worth looking it to.

    Glad to have you back blogging!

    • Sharon Says:

      My father made that same observation. I thought it was too low but the guy at the bike shop fitted me to it so I went with it. I will be raising it. ~ Thanks for the tip. Miss ya

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