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Day Trip Part 1- Nashua River Canoe Trip August 2, 2011

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So if you google kayak rentals in Massachusetts and you cut through all the bull you come across a real gem The Nashoba Paddler.   Ron and I packed a picnic lunch and headed about 45 minutes from the house for a day on the river.

The place is a little hut off the side of the road that rents canoes and kayaks for reasonable rates. Cash Only.   

The staff of 3 were really friendly and explained on a map what we would see along the way and the time it would take to get to certain points on the river. 

They also help carry the canoe to the dock and help you in and out.   We grabbed our cooler and jumped in.

About 10 minutes into the trip the clouds came and blocked out the sun making it a perfect cloud cover.  The river was quite there were a few other people out there on they way but we didn’t run into anyone at all on the way back.

It was such a peaceful ride. 

We decided we would make it to the bridge and then head back.  It took about an hour to get to the bridge and about 45 minutes with the current to get back.

We remembered the sun screen but forgot the bug spray.  There were a few BIG bugs out there.  One guy took a long ride with us.

Whenever I plan something fun Ron always says “This is great, I am glad I thought of it”  ~  He loves taking credit for  things I plan. Haha.

There was not any place on the river to stop and have lunch but they did have a small picnic table by the dock.  It was about 3:00 when we finished so we decided to head to Nashoba Valley Winery about 15 minutes away. 

Stay Tuned for Part 2…….Lunch and WINE!! 🙂


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