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Floating Art – SEAFAIR July 9, 2011

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I was in Newport this last weekend for the 4th of July holiday and got a chance to check out a pretty cool art exhibt for FREE!

The “Megayacht Venue” is a really cool concept.    The boat was awe inspiring alone never mind the $$$ inside this thing.

It was hard to take a picture of the size.  The boat was docked at the end of the Perry Mill Wharf and will be there until Sept 5th, they were allowing free access until 9pm the day we went down.

They had a red carpet down to the entrance where they check you in.

There were three floors of art all by different artist and different styles.  Paintings, photography, blown glass, silver, jewlrey and sculptures.

 The best part of the ship was the top floor!  They had a bar and a few tables over looking Newport Harbor.

You can’t beat that view!

We asked a few NOT so nice people to take a picture of us.  They did it only after giving us a look like we had 10 heads!

“Hey Jerks you know how many tourists we have had to take pictures of the the last 30 years living here?” ~

 Smile!   Your on a “Megayacht”

For more information on this boat check out the website


One Response to “Floating Art – SEAFAIR”

  1. Colleen Soares Says:

    Dad’s boat looks a little like that one.

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