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Piano (Wo)Man June 26, 2011

Filed under: HOME — Sharon @ 12:33 pm

I really want to learn how to play the piano~  I have one sitting right across the room from me almost everyday and when I walk by it I sigh and think “Someday”

and then I get a look at the musical notes and realize I might as well be reading Chinese!     I really must have been sleeping during music class in middle school.

I remeber singing to the teacher as she came into class;  teacher sings ~ “Hello Boys and Girls”  Class replies ” Hello Mrs Hughes”  and then I must have passed out cold.

I do remember a little bit of piano lessons in the class and I think she gave up on me fairly quickly and went on to teach the only kid in class that had any interest or talent.

Its just such an elegant instrument ~  Maybe one day I will play your beautiful keys, just maybe!


One Response to “Piano (Wo)Man”

  1. Justin Beiber just came out with a new fragrance named “Someday.” He thinks it brings up connotations of fulfilling your dreams. You ought to buy yourself a bottle and then perhaps “Someday” you will be a pianist:)

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