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RedBox Scores June 24, 2011

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Ha~  Did you read that as “RedSox”  Did you think you were coming to read me talk about baseball?   Nope, just another movie review!

So last week I saw some pretty bad movies but this week I am happy to report I got a few gems.

1st up- “The Other Woman”-

I like Natalie and this movie took me by surprise.  The title has only a little to do with what the movie is actually about.  It is really dark and takes a while to get started.  In the end it all ties together.   Febe from “Friends”- AKA Lisa Kudrow plays a awesome bitch role!

2nd- “Just Go With It”~

Just Go with It

I guess I was in a “Friends” mood- Aniston and Kudrow in one week! This movie was light and funny a complete opposite of the first movie I saw.  One of the  best parts of this movie was played but the little girl who played Anistons daughter, she had to keep up an accent the whole time.  I can’t do an accent AT ALL~  Ron often makes fun of me for my lack of being able to do any accent- Not ANY, believe me I try.      This movie was cute and kept me entertained- Ron however took one look at the cover and ran for the Playstation & other TV in the office .

The 3rd- “True Grit”

I was really surprised I liked this one as much as I did.  I thought that Matt Damon played a different role than I expected.    Jeff Bridges as always was great and the young girl  wasn’t bad either sometimes kids in movies annoy me when they try to act too grown up but this girl pulled it off.  Ron and I both enjoyed this film.

On another note- what I am reading right now-  I am only 23 pages in and finding it very hard to keep me interest but I will plug on.


3 Responses to “RedBox Scores”

  1. Let me know if you like that book. I don’t think it’s really my genre but people keep talking about it.

  2. Mom Pence Says:

    Betty read all three books she said she liked the second one best.As for me, not much of a reader but a real movie person,loved all three movie

    • Jenny K Says:

      Sharon, we watched “Just Go With It” this weekend too and liked it. I haven’t read the dragon girl books but people at work RAVE about them. I did hear that first one is hard to get into so hang in there, might be worth it.

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