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Penny Pence at the Park June 23, 2011

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Lake Park is right down the street from me and I like to go and walk on the paths there.

Why do they call it lake park?  Cause there is a lake there silly!  Lake “Quin-sig”  as the locals call it.

I have never been swimming there as I am more of an ocean girl myself, but I would not be opposed to someone inviting me out on their boat for a little day drinking soaking up sun.  This guy did not stop to invite me alone.

Penny and I took off down the more shaded area

It was a really nice day to walk outside but Penny was not in the mood for a photo shoot.

Penny only likes the park  for about 5 minutes. She smells everything and then drags me back to the car.  She loves the old people and stops at the benches to let them pet her.

Not much exercise but  I was happy to head home for one of these.

Penny was just happy to be in the car.   This dog loves a good car ride.


2 Responses to “Penny Pence at the Park”

  1. Mom Pence Says:

    The park looks great. Nice to go walking in. I was there once with Fran and Tom for crew

  2. Emily Says:

    Is that a mini-model shower curtain in the back of your car? LOL

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