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Park’s Place June 18, 2011

Filed under: Food,HOME — Sharon @ 11:30 am

Emily and Trevor just bought their first home and almost as importantly their first grill so they had me over for a backyard BBQ!

Trev and his Grill:He grilled up some steak, chicken and Kielbasa!  YUM

Emily has set the table with her wedding set that has cute little birds on it.  I love it, adorable.   She even has a matching apron.

Homemade Guac! Served with chips or a healthier option of cucumber and celery.  We munched on this while the boys stood around the grill.

 I decided to try some new Summer Brew by Harpoon.  Not as good as the winter brew but still a nice flavor.  More like a Sam AdamsThe also grilled up some fresh corn on the cobb.  Blurry Cobb Pyramid!

Katie made some Weight Watchers  German potato salad.

andwe also had a a three bean salad

My favorite part of the meal was the grilled Pineapple.  Emily put a little cinnamon and agave on them, it was really good!  

Thanks Em and Trevor for a great BBQ and wonderful food.


One Response to “Park’s Place”

  1. Katie Says:

    im glad you took a pic of the potato salad, i didn’t even think to do it. It was all ugly in it’s $1 walmart special bowl.

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