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Piano (Wo)Man June 26, 2011

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I really want to learn how to play the piano~  I have one sitting right across the room from me almost everyday and when I walk by it I sigh and think “Someday”

and then I get a look at the musical notes and realize I might as well be reading Chinese!     I really must have been sleeping during music class in middle school.

I remeber singing to the teacher as she came into class;  teacher sings ~ “Hello Boys and Girls”  Class replies ” Hello Mrs Hughes”  and then I must have passed out cold.

I do remember a little bit of piano lessons in the class and I think she gave up on me fairly quickly and went on to teach the only kid in class that had any interest or talent.

Its just such an elegant instrument ~  Maybe one day I will play your beautiful keys, just maybe!


Playlist to run to June 25, 2011

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I stole this Playlist from Peanut Butter Fingers blog.  I have had $27 dollars on my Itunes for a long time now and I just keep forgetting to get anything with it so when I saw this playlist I thought I would give it a  try.        I am not going to lie I am not really sure who “Mumford & Sons” or “Manian”   are but I am trying to be a little more hip to “what the kids” are listening to.

OK~ watch out Treadmill me and my tunes are coming for you!

RedBox Scores June 24, 2011

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Ha~  Did you read that as “RedSox”  Did you think you were coming to read me talk about baseball?   Nope, just another movie review!

So last week I saw some pretty bad movies but this week I am happy to report I got a few gems.

1st up- “The Other Woman”-

I like Natalie and this movie took me by surprise.  The title has only a little to do with what the movie is actually about.  It is really dark and takes a while to get started.  In the end it all ties together.   Febe from “Friends”- AKA Lisa Kudrow plays a awesome bitch role!

2nd- “Just Go With It”~

Just Go with It

I guess I was in a “Friends” mood- Aniston and Kudrow in one week! This movie was light and funny a complete opposite of the first movie I saw.  One of the  best parts of this movie was played but the little girl who played Anistons daughter, she had to keep up an accent the whole time.  I can’t do an accent AT ALL~  Ron often makes fun of me for my lack of being able to do any accent- Not ANY, believe me I try.      This movie was cute and kept me entertained- Ron however took one look at the cover and ran for the Playstation & other TV in the office .

The 3rd- “True Grit”

I was really surprised I liked this one as much as I did.  I thought that Matt Damon played a different role than I expected.    Jeff Bridges as always was great and the young girl  wasn’t bad either sometimes kids in movies annoy me when they try to act too grown up but this girl pulled it off.  Ron and I both enjoyed this film.

On another note- what I am reading right now-  I am only 23 pages in and finding it very hard to keep me interest but I will plug on.


Penny Pence at the Park June 23, 2011

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Lake Park is right down the street from me and I like to go and walk on the paths there.

Why do they call it lake park?  Cause there is a lake there silly!  Lake “Quin-sig”  as the locals call it.

I have never been swimming there as I am more of an ocean girl myself, but I would not be opposed to someone inviting me out on their boat for a little day drinking soaking up sun.  This guy did not stop to invite me alone.

Penny and I took off down the more shaded area

It was a really nice day to walk outside but Penny was not in the mood for a photo shoot.

Penny only likes the park  for about 5 minutes. She smells everything and then drags me back to the car.  She loves the old people and stops at the benches to let them pet her.

Not much exercise but  I was happy to head home for one of these.

Penny was just happy to be in the car.   This dog loves a good car ride.


Just for the Halibut June 22, 2011

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“Why?  I don’t know why! Just for the Halibut”  Hahaaa I crack myself up!

Tonight I am attempting to make Halibut.  It is Ron’s favorite fish and I am doing it the way my dad used to make fish, or what I remember of him making it anyway.  But I don’t have a grill so I am making it in the oven.

We have a fish place right down the street from us and it is right next to the produce place so I went to get all the ingredients in one stop.

The fish looked good and didn’t smell(also a good sign)  but Ron informed me “it wasn’t halibut”  ~ What?  I got ripped off by the fish dude?  Not Cool.

 I put down some foil and then got a few things together.

I chopped up the produce and put a little salt & pepper on the fish.

then I started to layer it right on the fish

Ron stepped in to make the packets but basically you just take the two sides and meet and fold down in the middle and then fold the ends up,  I could have done it but there are a some things you can’t do while you take pictures at the same time.

The side dish was a simple garlic and sauteed spinach.

The fish came out steamy

Baked Halibut in Foil Packets
serves two

2 halibut filets, one-inch thick
1 small to medium ripe tomato
1 quarter of a red onion, sliced
1/2 lemon
salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Lay out two sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil, each about 12-14 inches long.  Lay one piece of halibut on each. Season generously with salt and pepper.

Divide the tomato  and onion slices between the two pieces of fish, laying them on top. Squeeze a wedge of lemon over each, and add the lemon to the pile. Sprinkle another pinch of salt and pepper over each.  A little olive oil on each.

Fold up the edges of the foil to create a closed packet and bake, on a baking sheet, for about 20 minutes, just until the fish is opaque. Serve immediately, in the packets.


RedBox Movie Reviews June 19, 2011

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I have seen some BAD, I mean bad, really bad horrible movies lately!

The good thing about RedBox is that they are only $1.00 so at least I don’t have to spend $6 bucks to see a really shitty movie.

The 1st up was “The Roomate”

The Roommate Film

OMG…..horrible.  I kind of figured it was not going to be great but it was really bad.  It was laughable.

The 2nd I had more hope for and it was a total disappointment.    I was hoping for a “Silence of the Lambs” scary movie but it was boring and never really got started, by the time the scary stuff happened I was already falling asleep.  The only saving thing I thought was that it was based on true events, scary true events are cool.  I  love scary movies so it was a big let down.

The Rite Movie

Stay tuned for more movie reviews…….for tonight I rented “True Grit” with one of my favorite actors “The Dude” AKA Jeff Bridges.  I loved loved loved him in “Crazy Heart”

crazy heart trailer

If you have not seen it yet… it.  Like RIGHT NOW! It was sad though, sad but good.


Park’s Place June 18, 2011

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Emily and Trevor just bought their first home and almost as importantly their first grill so they had me over for a backyard BBQ!

Trev and his Grill:He grilled up some steak, chicken and Kielbasa!  YUM

Emily has set the table with her wedding set that has cute little birds on it.  I love it, adorable.   She even has a matching apron.

Homemade Guac! Served with chips or a healthier option of cucumber and celery.  We munched on this while the boys stood around the grill.

 I decided to try some new Summer Brew by Harpoon.  Not as good as the winter brew but still a nice flavor.  More like a Sam AdamsThe also grilled up some fresh corn on the cobb.  Blurry Cobb Pyramid!

Katie made some Weight Watchers  German potato salad.

andwe also had a a three bean salad

My favorite part of the meal was the grilled Pineapple.  Emily put a little cinnamon and agave on them, it was really good!  

Thanks Em and Trevor for a great BBQ and wonderful food.