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New Martha Stewart Stamp Toy April 14, 2011

Filed under: Crafts — Sharon @ 11:31 am

I bought this kit from Martha Stewart at Micheals and I was hoping that I was going to LOVE it, but really so far not so good.  I would not spend the money again on this one.

It is supposed to allow you to make a custom stamps and the ones on the package look AWESOME so of course I wanted it.

It comes with 2 circles and 2 squares that you can load with little tiny letters and a few other characters and then you create whatever sentiment or phrase you want on it.

The problem is that the characters are so tiny that they are difficult to work with and they do not stand out far enough from the background that if you push down too hard it smears and to light and the image does not show up correctly.  I took a few attempts to get this image on scrap paper before trying it out and wasting any good cardstock.

I have only played with this toy once so I am not totally giving up on it yet but I wasn’t swept away by it.  I think that all those little pieces are going to suck to keep track of too.  They come all attached and you have to separate them to make words and then I am sure I am going to loose a few vowels here and there.


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