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Herberts Candy Mansion – WHOA! April 8, 2011

Filed under: HOME — Sharon @ 1:41 pm

Ron and I hit the candy mansion on Route 20 by our house to see if they had any candy that I could use in my cupcake making…….we found ALOT more than that.

There were Easter Bunnies as far as the eye could see!


There was one wall made of glass and you could see into the candy factory.  Really Cool to watch them work…..I was looking for  Umpa Lumpas, but didn’t see any.

There is a HUGE ice cream buffet!   So Cool.  There were a million toppings.

The mansion was really neat and has a bunch of small rooms filled with candy and also a room for birthday parties. 

I wish I could have gone crazy in there but I actually walked out without buying anything. 😦  DAMN DIET!


One Response to “Herberts Candy Mansion – WHOA!”

  1. Mom Pence Says:

    I want to be there!!!! There’s always room for one bunny ear!

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