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EVO Worcester~Sunday Brunch! March 23, 2011

Filed under: Food,HOME — Sharon @ 3:35 pm

Ron and I got up early sunday and went to hit up the brunch menu at EVO!  You might remember that we had stopped by there to have a beer and appetizer and loved it so we sent back to check out the brunch menu!  They did not disappoint!  I went with the french toast with whipped cream and fresh berries! From there Website:


Italian French Toast 



Two Pieces of Italian bread soaked in pumpkin spiced

egg, grilled and accompanied by fresh berries, whipped

cream and Vermont Maple Syrup.


Ron went for the Eggs Benny!  (which is another of my favs)

They made the home fries with 3 different types of potatoes Yukon Golds, Sweet potatoes and  Purple Peruvian Potato (say that 3x’s fast) 


We love EVO and will be heading back to hit up the dinner menu soon.  OMG~ amazing.


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