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Flying Disappointment March 18, 2011

Filed under: Cards,Food — Sharon @ 2:37 pm

Ron and I went to eat at the Flying Rhino about 6 months ago and it was a complete and total disappointment.  Being in the food biz we have NEVER sent back a meal, EVER! never ever.  Well that was until we had a really bad experience at “The Flying Rhino” Shrewsbury St ~Worcester.

We ordered some drinks and apps and then waited an hour and a half between the app and the main course while the waitress did everything she could to avoid eye contact we sat without drinks.  When it finally came out Ron’s steak was dried out and you been cut open butterfly style and cooked and then left under the heat lamp.  I ordered the salmon and it was cold…….hmmmmmm.  Strange.  We couldn’t tell if it was the busy waitress that forgot to order our meals or if it was the overworked kitchen that might have screwed it up.  .  Ohh well.  We sent it back because both were inedible, it was really a shame because our apps had started off good and the drinks were ok.   They gave us a free scoop of ice cream with our bill.  We weren’t ready for dessert since we had not yet had our dinner, so we paid for the drinks and app and left.  I had been there before with my friend Liza and had some good food so I was disappointed, I wanted Ron to enjoy it.

Well we saw that they had won the prize for “People’s Choice Awards” at so we decided maybe it was a fluke and went back again to give it another try!  BIG MISTAKE!  I ordered the usual Blue Moon and it came out warm in a bottle with a warm glass.  BOO!  I still was positive  because I really like the look of this place and I WANT  it to be good.  So then we ordered some sandwiches.  I went with a reuben type panini and Ron went with a pulled pork sandwich.

Not very good.  My panini had some kind of sauce that had too much hot spice in it and totally missed the mark on flavor and Ron’s pulled pork was cold.  BUMMER!!    The waiter delivered our sandwiches with a bottle of ketchup and said “if thats not enought let me know”~  As soon as Ron picked it up he started laughing and squirted a big air blob of ketchup, the bottle was empty.  We asked for another bottle and got only slightly more, WTF! Is there a ketchup shortage going on?   Really?     I know this is a sad story!  WARM BEER AND COLD FOOD!    

So we will not be giving this place another chance and maybe they did win the “People’s Choice”- just not these people!

I shall not tolerate such rubbish. Good day, sir. (Source)


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