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86 Winter American Bistro~ Worcester Ma March 15, 2011

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Anyone in the restaurant biz knows what “86” stands for and since this was place was on Water St and NOT Winter St, I can only assume the name is a play on the restaurant lingo meaning “No MORE” Winter.   Cute name.  Love it.    But I loved the food even more.  Ron and I sat at the bar and ordered some starter drinks while we looked through the menu.  While Ron went for his usual local beer I went with a pomegranate Martini~ striclty for the antioxidants!    This picture looks like I already had too many!  Ohh my.   

Maybe all the art on the wall had me feeling a little artsy too!  All from local artist and some really wild stuff!  I loved it.   I am sorry I didn’t get the names to go with the pics.

Some metal work!


A Painting!

And some Photography!  This is the 1st thing you see what you come in the door and it certainly sets the tone for the rest of the art.


Ok,  Now back to the food.  restaurant Week brought us here but the food will keep us coming back.  We started with some crab cakes which were not part of the 3 course meal so we made it a 4 courser.  These had the perfect amount of crab and not too much breading.   

We both opted for the caesar salad.  This had the perfect amount of dressing and large shavings of parmesan cheese.  They did the crouton as a nice garlicy piece of toast.   The salad had great flavor. 

I decided to go for the Mahi Mahi with Mango Salsa.  The plate had little pieces of purple edible flowers and they served the sides of carrots and potato wedges on a separate plate.

The carrots were really soft and had a maple brown sugar glaze.  AMAZING!  That’s how all vegetables should be!  I would eat all my veggies if covered in brown sugar.

We got a bottle of Chardonnay that they had on special to go along with the Worcester week menu.  I think it was like $13.00. 

Ron decided to go with the Stuffed Veal Scallopine.  I tried a bite and it was JUST as good as mine.

We usually don’t get dessert but since it was all part of the 3 course special we went for it.  They had a choice of Bread Pudding or Apple Tart so we got one of each!    The apple tart was served warm with vanilla ice cream.   It was in some pasty or phyllo dough and lots of cinnamon.  OMG!!  To die for good.

The bread pudding was served cut into a triangle and standing up on the plate!  It was moist and chocolate-y and DELISH!!!

Since we were going ALL OUT Ron went for a coffee and Sambuca and I went for a coffee and Bailey’s. 

I loved everything about this place.  It has been awhile since Ron and I had a long meal that went soup to nuts like this.  We enjoyed EVERY bite and we will return for more.


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  1. I just came across your review of our restaurant when we ran a groupon deal.
    I am glad that you had a wonderful experience the night you came in for dinner. it is really rewarding when all your hard work is truly enjoyed and appreciated. David Lemenager

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