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The Registry Restaurant – Worcester Ma March 11, 2011

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Worcester Restaurant week is in full swing.  February 28 – March 13, 2011.  All the restaurants on the list offer a 3 coarse meal for $22.11.  Great Deal.  Last Thursday Emily and I decided to try a new place that neither one of us have been too. THE REGISTRY!~

 We have a running joke in the office because neither Emily nor I are from the Worcester area and everyone else we work with is, so when we ask for direction or a point of interest to something they always answer with something that goes like this ~

 “Go down by the “old” hospital and then take a right after the “old” police station but don’t go past where the public school “used to be”!  WHAT?!??!!!   I just moved here, how the hell do I know where the “old post office” is or where the Middle school used to be”?!?!?!?!

So when we saw this restaurant we HAD TO try it.  The front page of their menu explains the name of the restaurant:


You’re Dining in Worcester’s First Dedicated Registry of Motor Vehicles

Welcome. In 1926 the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) relocated its

Worcester office to its own building in the heart of what was known at the time as

Automobile Row. This area of Park Avenue was not only home to several motor car

showrooms (representing the Nash, Hudson, Marmon and Jordan brands and others),

but Park Ave was also one of the few Worcester roads built specifically for automobile

use (Park Ave was featured on the 1925 map, “Auto Trails of New England”).

The clerks working in this office for the Massachusetts Registrar (a title first

bestowed by Governor Calvin Coolidge in 1919) issued drivers’ licenses, and license

plates (made in the state prisons since 1920).

The Registry building’s architecture is an American version of European Neo-

Classical. Its details, like the two-story protruding shallow columns between the

windows, the panels between the floors and the decoration at the roof line, are

achieved inventively by just the use of brick.

In 1969 the State moved the Worcester Registry to larger quarters.

You may notice, as did the architect, carpenters and plasterers in the Registry’s

renovation, that no walls in this building are perpendicular or parallel to each other.

Instead the walls follow the asymmetrical borders of the property line.

The Registry Restaurant’s staff is glad you’re here to enjoy with us this incarnation of

one of Worcester’s historical treasures.


 OMG!!!! We actually will know where the “old registry” is!  We are soooooooo THERE~

I started with a Cosmo and Em went with a glass of Cupcake Cab

The table had some vintage advertisements for cars on it and there was an old 1930’s theme going on.  The music had the same feel and there were old licence plates on the walls.

The meal was 3 courses and I started with a  Portobello Mushroom stuffed with spicy sausage and topped with cheese.  YUMMM.  Emily went with a warm tomato salad over spinach and topped with balsamic and cheese which  also AMAZING.    For the “Special” menu they let you choose any app or salad or any entrée under $15 and choice of apple pie or cake.

I went with the Garden Pasta and Em went with the Turkey Tips for the main course. 


My pictures of Em’s plates across the table were a little blurry.   It is hard taking pics in low lighting and even harder when reaching across the table. 

 We couldn’t even finish half and we still had dessert to go!  OH MY!    I took home the apple pie and knew I had some ice cream to go with it.  LOVE! 

Our waiter told us they had only been open for 2 and half months and that the menu they were working on was new.  It was a cute place, great music, cute “Idea” of old meets new.  I only ate half the app and half the pasta dish so Ron was psyched to get the leftovers but I wasn’t letting him anywhere near my apple pie!   I think “The Registry” is doing well for the amount of time they have been open but maybe not memeorable enough for a second round.


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