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Gelly Fish Cards! a Tutorial. March 10, 2011

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I know, I know.  It’s JELLY Fish, not this time!  I saw this technique used on another site but it was a bit different so I took the idea and made it my own.  Here is an adorable Gelly Fish Card.

Can you tell the fish is under water?  Here’s another closer look at a different fishy.

Want to learn how to do it?  You need a few fish so either a stamp, stickers or Cricuts die cuts will work.   

Now you need to cut the hole in the card and make a backing for the inside of the card.

The 1st few times I tried this I was cutting the card and the paper separate but I found it much easier to cut a piece of paper for the inside of the card about the same size as the card and tape it down at the top.  Once the backing is on load the paper into the Cricut together so the holes are cut at the same time or you could use a 2 inch circle punch for this as well.  Only tape the top down as you are going to need to load the gel between the two layers.

 Ok, so now the card and the backing are complete. 

 You need some cheap hair gel and a small baggy.  You have to have a bag that is at least 2 inches wide to cover the hole.  I found these at Micheals for 2.99 for 100 bags in the bead isle.

Fill the bag with a small amount of gel.  You just need a thin layer and squeeze out any large air bubbles.  You want a few bubbles to leave the underwater effect.

Now you need to tape the bag down to the inside of the card and attach the paper backing to cover the bag.

Start placing the fish on the inside.  Make sure you line them up the way you want them to appear through the hole.  This gets a little tricky because you want the inside to have a cohesive look as well.

I thought this was a cute one for my  friend Em’s birthday.  The outside is “Birthday Wishes” and the inside is “wishing you the best day ever”  

I have been stung by the Gelly Fish.  I am ADDICTED to this technique.  I want everything to be underwater now.      I just got the “Life’s a Beach” cartridge and there is a TON of things I want to try.  Sharks, scuba divers, whales, dolphins!  Maybe do a whole fish tank thing.  Or maybe I  can die the gel blue or add sparkles to it and make it into a Snow Globe at Christmas time.  See I told you I was hooked!( fish joke, Get it?  HOOKED!Hahaha)  Here are a few more attempts at this technique.

I tried this with sparkles but didn’t think it went with the fishes!   I used an OWH Sketch for the layout.  Not in love with it. 

The next 2 I do love.   I found tiny little gold fish stamps and cut it with the cricut in the shape of the fish bowl using “Animal Kingdom” cartridge.   The color combo is awesome!

This one is a bigger gold fish stamp that is really cute.  If anyone tries this technique leave me a link to your blog in the comments.  I would love to see what you can do with it!  


6 Responses to “Gelly Fish Cards! a Tutorial.”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Love that idea! You’re so awesome.

  2. Allison Mayer Says:

    Digging the underwater scene but I KNOW you could be more creative with your messages! How about, What stings more? Your age or this jelly fish?

  3. mom pence Says:

    made it home, trying to catch up. Forwarded this to Bob’s sis maryanne.
    she made a fish card for her hubby’s birthday – an avid fisherman. She’ll love this technique. It looks great. Love to you both

  4. Julie Says:

    You might not be in love with it but I think it’s a pretty cute card! Thanks for joining us in this week’s OWH Stars & Stamps Sketch Challenge!

  5. Melissa Sano Says:

    I followed your technique to make a “gelly fish” card, but I never left you the link, oops! Thank you so much and here is the link:

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