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Short Attention Span Theater! Armsby Abbey Pizza March 9, 2011

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So you all saw my post on Bethenny Frankel and her “skinnygirl” ways.  Her 1st book which I read when it first came out has some really good points.  Her chapters from her book “Naturally Thin~ Unleash your Skinnygirl and Free Yourself from a lifetime of Dieting”  

  1. Your Diet is your bank account
  2. You can have it all not all at once
  3. Taste Everything, Eat Nothing
  4. Pay Attention
  5. Downsize NOW
  6. Cancel your membership to the Clean Plate Club
  7. Check Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself
  8. Know Thyself
  9. Get Real
  10. Good For you

OK OK~  That sounds GREAT in theory now lets put what we just learned to practice. When Jen and I went to check out Bethenny at the Hanover Theater we decided to go out to eat AFTER the show.    I went to Armsby Abbey before with the girls from work and enjoyed the menu and atmosphere and knew it was right down the street from the theater.  We sat in a cute little window seat that had a bunch of funky pillows.  You know “that kind” of place.  The menu has some yummy cheeses and every ingredient was listed from what farm they get it from.  AND there are no prices on the menu~ YUP!  you know “THAT” kinda place.

So Now that we are armed with the knowledge that Bethenny just threw down at us about dieting and at a place she would LOVE to get some farm fresh food at what do Jen and I do??  1st order the BIGGEST martini’s!  After asking the poor waiter what he would recommend because their menu went on for a million pages printed out at 8 point font and the lighting was one candle placed about every 30 feet  we were having trouble squinting reading the menu.  Ya!  We were THOSE CHICKS!  ~~”what do you recommend”  “not to fruity”  “not to sour”  “something different” blah blah blah blah!   If I was waiting on us I would have probably found a way to give us food poisoning but the waiter was GREAT!    He recommended: From there Website 

POMcello An Abbey favorite since 2008!
Pearl Pomegranate Vodka and Meletti Limoncello with
fresh Lemon and POMegranate Juice


Fraser River Cosmo
Hangar One Fraser River Raspberry Vodka, Merite Orange Liqueur,
Fresh Lime and White Cranberry Juice

They were perfectly poured and chilled.  The food menu had a million things on it as well.    We opted for a  pizza of course they don’t make their “margarita pizza” sound simple. From their website

Tomato & Mozzarella
Maplebrook Farm (Bennington, VT) Hand Stretched Artisan Made Mozzarella,
Organic House Crushed Tomatoes and fresh Basil finished with a drizzle of
fresh pressed California EVOO

SOOOO GOOD!  I was so hungry from not eating until 10pm and only having a salad for lunch since I was “banking” in full preparation for going out to dinner that we and ate that thing faster than you can say “Real Housewives”

So after we drank the biggest drinks ever and halfway through our pizza~gasm we ordered some  VERY tall beers!   Jen wanted something close to a Blue Moon which is also a fav of mine so the waiter brought us 3 different small taste of beers again we asked for his ‘recommendation” instead of reading 400 beer descriptions.  We wanted an orange slice for the beer  and we were treated to both regular and blood orange slices.  YUM!

 SOOOO Did we use any of Bethenny’s “RULES” we had learned only 15 minutes earlier?  Hmmmmmm……..proabably NOT!  We barely made it out of the theater before we forgot her “Skinny” girl ways.   And our plates were TOTALLY CLEAN!


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