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A Night Out with Bethenny Frankel and Skinny Girl Margaritas March 8, 2011

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Jen and I went to see The reality TV Star Bethenny Frankel from “The real housewives of New York” and “Bethenny Ever After”  she is an author, mother, and entrepeneur.  She has a 3rd book coming out on March 22 and a new lingerie line coming out this year.    Bethenny was at the Hanover Theater in Worcester last Saturday Night so went to check it out.    

The lobby was selling her 2 previous books,”Naturally Thin” and “Skinnygirl Dish” both are diet themed.  The new book coming out that is “A Place of Yes” which is her take on self help and getting the most out of life. I  think she is funny and I like her on her show but as with any self help or diet book you can only take as much out of it as you will. 

They were selling her Margaritas at the bar.  They are less sugar and only 100 Calories which is considerably less than the original margarita made with dark tequilla and sour mix.  Her margarita is really tart and more than one is a recipe for heart burn for sure.  But one was refreshing.

The stage was set up with a simple table with red roses  and of course a bottle and glass of margarita.

She talked for about 90 minutes about the books and life and shows.  She talked a little about the other housewives and Bravo celebs.  It was fun.   I am a total Bravo Junky!   Jen and I took a few photos in the lobby before hand. 

She also has a Yoga DVD and some other products on her website.   Thanks Jen for inviting me.  It was a great night out!


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