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How to Shuck an OYSTER! March 4, 2011

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In case anyone was planning on having any fried oysters for Mardi Gras or just wanted to try and pop one open and send them down the hatch I asked Ron to do a run down on  “How to” shuck an oyster.  I didn’t used to like oysters AT ALL!  but then I guess I have never really given them a chance. 

We went to the seafood place at Mohegan Sun a few years back and I think that is the first time I actaully tried one.  I don’t eat them very often but now and again they are a  treat.  “They taste like the Ocean”  is how Ron describes them.  They aren’t as bad as they look but they are NOT for everyone.

Here is the directions from

  • Make sure oysters are still alive by checking that their shells are tightly closed.
  • 2

    Scrub oysters with a stiff brush under running water.

  • 3

    Hold oyster in the palm of your hand with a towel so that you don’t accidentally cut yourself.    (Ok so don’t do what you see below, Hahah)

  • 4

    Work over a bowl so that you can catch the oyster’s juices.

  • 5

    Position the oyster in your hand with the cup-side down – so that its curved shell faces down and its flatter side faces up.

  • Insert a paring or oyster knife between the shells, near the hinge.
  • 7  (OK  – this is the safer way to do it if your husband is not a Chef.)

    Twist the knife so that the oyster’s muscles are detached.

  • 8

    Remove the top shell.

  • 9

    Scrape the meat from the top shell into the bottom shell.

  • 10

    Use the knife to cut the oyster from the bottom shell, or serve it on the half shell.

  • Now add a little hot sauce and squeeze of lemon and ” DOWN THE HATCH”   Have you ever tried  a fresh oyster?   Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday is this week, what are your plans?


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