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Antipasto doesn’t mean I hate Pasta? February 25, 2011

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Antipasto in Italian literally means “before the meal” but sometimes I like to enjoy it AS the meal.    A fun plate off food with lots of flavors and varity.  You can make it with anything you have left over and pair it with some cheese and bread.   I used to love when my mom made plates that we could eat with our hands: little pieces of rolled up ham and cream cheese cut into slices and apple chunks with peanut butter.  It was great.   I liked to make stuff from my  Strawberry Shortcake Cookbook   that had finger foods for kids.   I loved that book.

 Strawberry Shortcake Cookbook by Michael J. Smollin, copyright 1980, publisher Random House NY

Well I still like to eat with my hands and pick at my food.  .  It is more like ‘grazing” than eating dinner but it fills you up just the same.  Last week Ron had a busy day and after work I was not in the mood to cook, plus the kitchen was a mess so to cook meant I had to clean first and that was NOT gonna happen.  So I came up with a quick solution and used some of the stuff that was in the fridge and pantry and had one KICK ASS Antipasto platter for dinner.  I ran to the store for some fresh fruit and cheeses.  And this is what I came up with.

  Sliced hard salami

marinated mushrooms and black olives

Two kinds on cheese.  I went with a Brie and Goat Cheese.  I like the Chavrie and added a little pepper, oil, and oregano.

I love this bread from Stop and Shop it is a garlic ciabatta with big chunks of roasted garlic.

This was SOOOO Good. 

I threw in some roasted red peppers and grapes and a few pieces of chocolate to finish it off.

We enjoyed it with a bottle of wine and a movie.  This makes an awesome platter for a party or a great no cook weeknight eat with your hands type meal.  No Cooking  = No Cleaning!  


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