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ONESIE FAIL~ They can’t all be masterpieces- February 22, 2011

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I decided that I was going to try to use the Cricut for Fabric Cutting.   I had read that all you needed to do was to spray starch it and get it stiff enough to cut with the Cricut blade.  Sounds easy enough right?  I figures that I would try to make a few custom-made onesies for some friends that are having babies.  I had big dreams of beach theme onesies, and holiday onesies and all sorts of stuff. 

What I used:

  • Cricut and Cartridge
  • Fabric
  • Spray Starch
  • Dreft or other baby friendly detergent
  • Heat and Bond Fabric Adhesive
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Iron

The instructions said to make sure that you wash and dry the fabric as well as the medium you are using whether its a T-Shirt or in this case a Onesie.   So I washed them all together and worried that the red fabric was going to run and give me a bunch of pink stuff.  Thank goodness in this case that did not happen.  So I washed, dried and ironed everything.

Then I sprayed it with some spay starch a few times and ironed again.  So far so good.

Then I used the Cricut to cut a few apples in different sizes on a piece of paper.  I wrote the size of the cut on them so I could remember when I went to cut the fabric which size.

Then I took the sizes and checked the size against the onesie.

Ok, so now it got a little tricky for me.  The Heat and Bond instructions are freaking confusing.  It said to put the fabric on the “wrong side” of the heat and bond and iron.  Ok~  What side is the wrong side?  I peeled of the backing to the bond paper and tried to get the fabric to adhere to it.  This did not work.  I tried to stick the bond paper and the fabric to the Cricut cutting board.  I loaded it into the Cricut and it just pushed the fabric around and the bond paper stuck to the cutting board.  SUCKED!  Can you see the apple?  Now I can’t get this crap off the cutting board so it ruined the board as well. 


So I decided to use the paper cut out to trace it on the fabric and cut it out. 

So then I still could not figure out what the “Wrong Side” of the Heat and Bond was.  So I think I put the wrong side (?right side?) down and then I got some sticky bond on my iron and it kept sticking to the fabric.  I ironed it down to the onesie and  you can see the marks that I made when I was tracing the pattern.   I could not stop the fabric from fraying also.  SHIT!  I cut a little ribbon in  green and attached it to give it a little more color.  The stem is not attached right and the leaf is ready to peel off.  I think I might give this a second try but I was too frustrated last night to figure out how or what the heck i did wrong or how to use this Heat and Bond crap.  So friends don’t expect to get any custom made onesie from me any time soon.

Here is the final product.  It looks cute from a distance but it is a disaster. 


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