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Wormtown Brewery ~ Worcester, Ma February 21, 2011

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Next week is restaurant week in “The Woo” and Ron and I decided to get an early start on checking out some Restaurants.  The 1st place we are checking out is “Peppercorns which is connected to the local brewery Wormtown.   Ron has ordered this beer at a few local places and I called to see if they do brewery tours and the brewer told me they are only 250 sqft and not much of a tour would be needed but that we should come have lunch next door and can sample all the brew there.  ~Ok!

The Wormtown does not bottle their own beer but do offer growlers for sale.   The growlers can be purchased at the bar but they only take cash for them.  Ok, Who carries cash?  Not us, looks like we are going home without one. 

I decided to go for the “WINTAH”  From their Website~

 Wormtown Brewery’s Winter Seasonal is an American Brown Ale. Mahogany Brown in color with malty aroma and hints of toasted brown bread. Medium body highlighting luscious malt flavor and aftertaste of roasty cocoa.

It was a darker beer that they served in a snifter.  It was delicious.  It looks really dark but it does not taste like a stout or Guiness style, it is like the Harpoon Winter Warmer without as much spice.

Ron went with the “BE HOPPY”. From their Website~ 

Reddish-gold hazy unfiltered brew. Pungent aroma of citrus, floral spice, and grapefruit. Decidedly bitter palate with a medium light body. Flavors of hoppy grapefruit give way to a dry finish. Our Hop Back and Double Dry Hop process ensure aromatics that are in your face coupled with an obscene amount of kettle hops that should make all bitter beer fans and hop heads love Wormtown’s Be Hoppy I.P.A.!

I tried a sip and it was much to “hoppy” for me.  It had a really strong finish of hops and was too bitter.

We decided to try the calamari.  They had plan, cajun or Tuscan.

It was  yummy.  There were a few to  many peppers that added a spice that I found manageable.    I usually don’t do spicy but this was flavorful.

The spicy peppers lent itself well to the 2nd beer choice.  Ron and I both went for the bartenders recommendation of “Bennie’s Brew”  Website~

Cream Ale one of our brewmasters favorite styles that he had not brewed. This Brew is an American style lager fermented with our house ale yeast. Pale Gold in color. Clean faint malt and corn aroma. Tastes slightly sweet up front with background corn. Dry finish with a hint of specialty malt and corn sweetness. Use of flaked maize and rice syrup give this an authentic adjunct malt profile. One of our lightest beers to date.

I think the Wormtown Brew at Peppercorns is a great place to enjoy some local beers.    They have a great lunch menu and something for everyone.   I can’t wait for Worcester Restaurant Week. 


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