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February Cupcake- Valentine Conversation Hearts February 14, 2011

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So here goes month number two of “The Year of the Cupcake”   The Valentine Cupcake.  This one was quite a bit easier than the last months Polar Bears.   I used the same cupcake mix as the last one, the Pillsbury white cake mix and vanilla frosting.    The list of things were a lot simpler as well.

  • Pound Cake
  • Pastel Food Coloring
  • Heart Shapped Cookie Cutter
  • Red decorating Gel

They didn’t give me much instruction on the calendar again.

I bought the cookie cutter at Michaels for .79, a real bargain.  I found these pound-cake squares that were all individually wrapped from Entenmann’s.  They were the perfect size for this project.

I was very happy that they had 6 in the package and I had muffin pan that made 6!   How SWEET is that!

The hardest part of this whole project was the tinting of the frosting.  I bought some pastel dies and they had the number of drops on the back of how to make the different colors which was really helpful in making the orange and purple. 

After I got the color down I put the frosting in the microwave for about 30 seconds so it was runny enough to pour over the pound cake hearts. 

I decided  to do pink, purple, yellow, peach and green.

I went around the edges 1st so that the frosting dripped all the way down and then poured a bunch of frosting in the center so it had a nice flat surface.  You have to be careful of bubbles too.  Stirring  it up alot after it comes out of the microwave helps with bubbles.

I bought some red food gel decorating for something I had done awhile back and I tried to use it to write on the hearts, it was a good thing I tried to write on a plate first because I didn’t like how it came out at all.  I decided to squeeze the gel into a frosting bag and used a finer point decorating tip to write the words.


The sentiments were kinda hard to choose.   I should have bought a bag of conversation hearts so I could have stolen some ideas.  I needed them to be cute and easy because writing words is a little harder than it looks.

XOX, BE MINE, I HEART U, TRUE LOVE, XOXO!  ~ Pretty simple.

The next step was to take the tops of the cupcakes and frost them.  I used a nice sharp bread knife so there wouldn’t be a lot of crumbs to deal with. 

That is the last step in making these, then you just need to place the hearts on the flat cupcake and TA~DA!  February’s Conversation Heart Cupcakes!

I took a picture of a cupcake on the calendar to see how I did.  I think they look pretty close.

I package them up in some cupcake boxes and they are all ready to go. 



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