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Friday Night Valentine Delight February 12, 2011

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I LOVE MY HUSBAND!  Ok so now that I have that out-of-the-way I dont’ have to feel bad admitting that I also love having the house and the TV to myself for some quality alone time!    Since I received a “Valentine”  from Emily today I thought I would have a little girl time with Penny and enjoy a movie, popcorn, and some PINK~ Hot Chocolate.   

I have been waiting to see the movie “The Lost Valentine” with Betty White and J-Love Hewitt but I forgot to set my DVR and now I can’t find it on demand.  DAMN~ IT!  So I settled for……

I have  seen this movie before but it is a cute one.  I love movies that have a ton of characters and then ties them all together at the end.   I also recommend “I hate Valentines Day”  it is the same two people from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”  and I think they are adorable.  

Either movie would have been good with the delicious treats that Emily gave me in my Valentine care package.  The popcorn she made had a hint of mint flavored white chocolate and tiny pink and red hearts. 

 I made the Pink Hot Chocolate that I think she bought at Michaels.  I added some extra chocolate to it.  How cute is the little cupid valentine from Em?

  I made it with water and it was a little light so I would recommend making it with milk for a more consistency.    What a fun friday night.  It got me in the mood for a great Valentines Day!  What are your Valentine Weekend plans?


2 Responses to “Friday Night Valentine Delight”

  1. emily Says:

    I love the pink hot chocolate! Awesome!

  2. mom pence Says:

    Everything you do turns out to be a masterpiece! Lots of fun stuff.

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