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21 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE February 9, 2011

Filed under: Fitness,HOME — Sharon @ 11:16 am

I have been meaning to do this yoga challenge  since the beginning of the new year and decided today is the day!  I got up this morning and started my day with a 45  minute AM yoga DVD.  I had posted about this DVD in my Fab Finds Fridays and I love it.  It always starts off my day more energized and clear-headed but I am usually just too lazy to get my butt out of bed and do it!  So I am here to state to the world that I will be doing it for the next 21 days in hopes that it becomes a habit. 

I found this article and picture on 

“Deep breathing yoga can be a powerful defense against stress, depression and anxiety.” Ok~   21 days- here goes nothing.



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