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Chef Reed ~ Guest Chef February 5, 2011

Filed under: Food,HOME — Sharon @ 11:35 am

With all the snow that we have in New England sometimes you get unexpected snowed in company.  Kristin travels for work so whenever she is in the area and drops by for an overnight visit we make her earn her keep by cooking us something.  Ron and I  don’t think overnight visitors should be pampered and waited on, we think they should pay us in food.   Hahha

The Guest Chef decided to make some Shrimp with Garlic, white wine, spinach and tomato over rice.  IT WAS AWESOME!    I came in to find the house smelling yummy and Ron sitting on the couch reading the paper taking the night off while letting the guest Chef take full range of the kitchen.  She looks like she knows what she’s doing.

The dinner had a ton of color and the rice was some kind of pecan~ something.  Whatever it was it was yummers.  

We even sat at the new dining table. 

We didn’t make her serve us, although we should have. Haha~ Just kidding Chef Reed.    We went family style!

 I ate my whole meal and went back for seconds.  The only thing left on my plate was a few chunk of garlic.  If we had any bread I would have finished that off too.

Thanks Kristin you can come cook for us anytime!


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