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PF Changs Date Night February 2, 2011

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Ron and I have been planning on using this  gift card to PF Changs  since before Christmas.    We drove to Natick Mall on a freezing cold friday night.  I ordered a glass of Estancia Pinot Grigio.  We sat at the bar and I took a few quick pics of all the yummy food. 


We are usually not a fan of chain restaurants.  We are not food snobs but if we are given a choice we would go to ta local place over a chain.  BUT~ we also will never let a gift card go to waste.

We split the Chicken lettuce Wraps that were listed as a signature item on the menu.  The were yummy.  We went with he lettuce wrap over our normal order of Calamari.  (Diet Win!) 

We both went with seafood and  they did not disappoint. I chose the OOLONG MARINATED SEA BASS *
A great catch steeped in Oolong tea, broiled and served with sweet ginger soy and spinach.    LOVE!

Ron ordered the KUNG PAO  SCALLOPS
A quick-fired traditional dish with peanuts, chili peppers and scallions.  Both were brilliant choices!

The pictures are a little blurry because I am new to this food blogging business and was trying to take the pictures fast and without bringing any attention to myself.  It is kinda hard when you are seated at a busy bar on a friday night. 

On the way home we stopped at Whole Foods for a bottle of wine and some dessert.  Triple Chocolate Mousse and Pinot Noir!  To. Die. For.

I pointed out to Ron that the good thing about food blogging is you can always go back and remember what wines you liked and what ones were – so,so.  Ron REALLY liked this bottle. 

I think it went really well with the chocolate mousse.  Another red wine WIN for me.  I have been trying different red wines with food and becoming a fan.

Every bite was mouth-watering! 


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