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Sunday Funday Bowling and Beer February 1, 2011

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Ron’s vacation is winding down but we made time to hit up the AMF for some sunday funday bowling and beer with Beth & Chris.  

  We used to bowl in Arizona  ALL-THE-TIME.  I was actually pretty good at one point in time but now my game has gone to crap.   

I did get some fun pics!  We had a few troubles with the 1st lane they put us on so we had to move.  Then we had more problems on the 2nd lane and complained and got a free game.  $21.00 dollars back.  SWEET!  When did bowling start to cost $21 a game? 

I love that the scores is all added up for you on the screen but the lanes that were not occupied were playing all 80’s music videos.  Stuff from when MTV really had video’s!  Flash back time!   

76! I suck! 

They did give us some fun print outs at the end that show all the scores from the games we played and a separate print out of what pins you knocked down on each frame.  Very Cool!  Do you see my 87~ YUP, moving up!  AND the last frame I had 2 STRIKES in a row………and then a 1!  WTF?  

Bowling shoes are a hot fashion.    They also had a vending machine there that sold socks!  BRILLIANT!


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