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Emily’s Birthday Part 1 Food and Wine January 26, 2011

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Emily’s Birthday Dinner was soooo good.   I got some really great pics and decided to post this in parts!     1st the food that she and Trevor prepared was delicious.  She did it in 5 courses and paired each course with a glass of wine. 

The Wine:  Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay,Merlot,Toscana and Shiraz. 

The first course a cheese course accompanied by the Pinot Grigio ~Ecco Domani~

The tower of cheese was amazing but everyone seemed to really love the Fromage D’Affinois that was like a Brie really melty and gooey.

The Cheese Course was amazing, I don’t think anyone stopped passing around the cheese until it was gone.  Grapes and figs rounded it off. 


Next more wine……..with this fun decanter attached to the bottle.  Chardonnay ~ Mischief Makers~

The next course was the salad.  I almost forgot to get a picture of this so this was the very end.  Endive, mandarin oranges and toasted nuts.

The third course was a sweet potato french fried served with a dipping sauce and ~Smoking Loon~ Merlot

The dipping sauce was a mix of BBQ sauce and raspberry preserve, so simple and went great with the sweet potato.

  The next course was the main course and I went to the kitchen to get some  shots.

The wine that was served with main course was a Tuscana~Monte Antico~.   

It rounded out the main dish of sweet and spicy sausage with linguine and side of summer squash,zucchini and onion.

The final course of the night was the dessert.  It was a brownie that had a hint of pepper and red wine with a graham cracker crust served with cocoa marshmellos.

The ~Four Sisters~ Shiraz ended the night and went wonderfully with the  rich brownie.

 I wasn’t sure I was going to like the red wine.  I am not much of a red wine drinker but I actually enjoyed all of the selections.    I am definatle more willing to try more reds after this party.


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