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Honey I Shrunk the Steak! Trials in Jerky making. January 22, 2011

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Ron got a food dehydrator for Christmas from my parents and we have been dehydrating beef at an alarming rate at my house.  Ron has been experimenting in marinades and dry rubs for top round steak as well as doing garlic, tomatoes, and some herbs.    We still have not tried a banana or fresh flowers but we have a list of things that we want to try and slowly bring to a moisture free state.  (I can’t wait to use dreid flower on my cards) 

You gotta start off by putting the meat in the freezer for just about a half hour.  This makes it easier to slice.   Then you have to trim any fat but you always  should start with a cut of meat that has very little fat to begin with.  Fat does not dry well, or else I would invent a human dehydrator for my ass.    You can try any marinade but we find good old Teriyaki to be a favorite in our house.

If you use straight Teriyaki  marinating time is shorter than a BBQ sauce.  We also liked the Jack Daniels BBQ sauce.  The inside of the gadget looks like this, it is a bunch of layers of racks.    You have to dry the beef on a paper towel to cut down on the mess and the drying time.

Then you just line the rack with the meat

Depending on the size of the slices of beef it usually takes between 5 and 8 hours to dry.    The 1st batch was a complete bust.  Ron fell asleep and it went for 12 hours and tasted like the bottom of a shoe.  The next few batches have been AWESOME!!  i brought some to work and the football game and it got rav reviews from the team.  

 We are thinking about selling it.  I like the name “Ron’s~a ~ Jerky”  (However my husband doesn’t like the play on words. )

What do my P.R. & Advertising friends think of the name?


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