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Life in the snow belt! January 21, 2011

Filed under: HOME — Sharon @ 9:26 pm

Another storm came through last night and dumped another 8 inches in Worcester.      Penny is loving the snow, funny for my Arizona baby that used to take long walks in 110 degrees.    Most of the areas are too high for her to walk in, this is some fresh snow in a recently shoveled path.  

I tried to get some pictures to show the  height.  Here is a picnic table over by the pool, that is buried, you can just make out the top of the table sticking out and the pool fence behind it.     

   There is supposed to be another storm coming but I am not sure where they are going to put all this snow.     Here are some fun shots.   

 You can see the piles up by the car.

Is it spring yet?  Can someone remind me why I left AZ?


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