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5 Minute Ceasar Salad for 6 pts. January 20, 2011

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I  use my Panini Press from  Cuisinart often.  I love  to make Paninis that are warm and CHEESE  filled with just about any type of meat and bread.   But this post is not about my panini obsession.  No Its not.     (For a yummy Pannini idea check out Emily’s Cerdric-wich)

When Ron is not home to eat with and I have to make myself something I usually head for the quick and easy weeknight meals (including just popping a lean cuisine in the microwave and eating 9 disappointing points)  Caesar salads get a bad wrap  in the dieting world but the one by Dole that is  “light” taste good and the whole bag is 6pts.  I also like the perfectly portioned chicken breast from Perdue, each breast is only 3 pts.Just throw the chicken breast on the grill and close it, since it cooks from both sides it takes literally 5 minutes.     While the chicken cooks throw everything from  Caesar bag into a bowl and stir it up!

You can use half of the caesar and 1 breast of chicken for a total of 6pts.  I put the other half in the fridge for Ron when he gets home.  Even though he works in a kitchen all night he still usually comes home hungry.  Strange! 

5 Minute Dinner and a glass of wine all for 10 points.  You can’t beat that.


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