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60 Inches of Brady Disappointment January 17, 2011

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We all know what happened in last nights Pats game so I am not going to recap at all.  It sucked.  It was disappointing.  The Jets Blow.  Ok, so the good thing about football is a reason to get together with friends and family and eat.  and eat. and eat.  This playoff game brought lots of food at Beth and Chris’s new house.  The main attraction was the fried turkey.   Chris brought out the turkey fryer in the garage. 

Ron injected the bird with some cajun seasonings and olive oil.   It was a 12 pound bird.

Chris dropped it into the fryer for about 40 minutes, This way of cooking a turkey is a time saver over roasting it for 2 plus hours. 

The turkey comes out juicy, moist, and full of flavor.

Ron made pulled pork for pulled pork sandwiches, he slow roasted the pork with a dry rub and then reduced some sauce with beer, onion, garlic, chicken broth and chilies.  The flavor was amazing.

Chris also fried some chicken wings and decided to make his own BBQ sauce from a recipe he saw on the food network.  He added a little ketchup,root beer, honey, worcestershire, brown sugar, and liquid smoke to a sauce pan and cooked over low heat.  Beth helped give it a little stir in the kitchen.

Ron’s Mom Betty and Bob brought a crock pot of Chili that was just the right amount of beans with big chunks of green peppers, which I had at half time topped with lots of cheese.

We ended it all off with some of my Gourmet Chocolate Chunk Walnut Cookies.  I made them from scratch so that will be another post all together.

With all this food it is no wonder why I gained .08 at the WW Weigh in this morning.  The game was a hot mess, but the action was right in the living room with a 60 inch high def TV and surround sound.  We saw and heard every hit, sack, fumble, and interception  play.  It was painful, very very painful.  Better luck next year New England.   Penny woke up from a long nap and asked for a new Celtics collar, she is soooo over football season she isn’t even going to watch the Super Bowl. 


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