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Let me see that Sushi Roll! January 12, 2011

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Ron and I have been planning on getting those sushi kits you see at Barnes and Noble for like $15 with a mat and some instructions but Ron was at the Asian Market and found some mats for a buck!  We already have this book that has all the instructions so Lets Roll!     Ron had prepped all the veggies and went out to get a table-cloth the cover the table and had it all set up and ready to go when i got home from the gym.  How awesome.

Sliced carrot, cucumber, red pepper, green onion, avocado, wasabi,  soy sauce and some hot sauce that I tried for the 1st time and actaully liked it!

The rice is the hard part to cook and anyone who watched Top Chef knows that it can be dish killer if you over cook the rice.   But of course Ron cooked it perfectly.  This isn’t plain old rice, he got sushi rice from the Asian Market was well.   The rice is really sticky so you have to keep a bowl of water near by to keep wetting your hands and cleaning off all the sticky rice. You start with the seaweed wrapper

and then put it on the mat & add the rice and my 1st roll was a California Rolls w/  shrimp, alvacado and cucumber.  yummers.   

My 1st attempt I tore the seaweed wrapper a bit but it still tasted good, Ron’s  came out much nicer.

only 2 rolls makes a lot of sushi.  Cali Rolls are 3 pieces for 2 WW points.

I also tried to go with the rice on the outside!  FAIL!


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