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Itza pizza pie January 10, 2011

Filed under: Food,HOME,Recipe — Sharon @ 2:42 pm

In the Pence family christmas eve gift swap I was the lucky winner of a new pizza stone  and it came with a cool paddle.   We make homemade pizza alot and we threw out our stone cause I thought it looked gross.  This brandy new one is great.  

Get some fresh dough.

and then have Ron roll it our perfectlybecause my 1st attempt at this looked nothing like this.

Add some yummy sauce and cheese with some fresh basil, tomato and onion


make it look all pretty and then add more cheese

Toss that sucker in the oven

and then eat about 4 or 5 large slices 2 small slices and make sure you count all the WW points!


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