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Thats a Wrap! December 21, 2010

Filed under: Crafts,HOME — Sharon @ 7:55 pm

Saturday I went out to finish all the holiday shopping and I wanted to get everything all wrapped and under the tree.   So i put on one of my favorite holiday movies “Miracle on 34th St”  and I got down to business.  I really can’t believe I have lived 33 years without buying on of these little babies!  The pop up tape dispenser makes wrapping so simple.  You just strap it on to your hand and then pull off little perfectly portioned pieces of tape.   I LOVE IT!!!

I got a little crazy with the wrapping paper and before I knew it the living room had exploded with paper and ribbons and boxes and bags, oh my.   As always my girl Penny was there to help and roll around in the tissue paper.    She loves the yoga matt and does a little doggie yoga with me.   

I love wrapping, it is actually on of my favorite parts of present giving.  Merry Christmas!


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