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Friday Night at the Ice Rink December 18, 2010

Filed under: Fitness,HOME,Travel — Sharon @ 6:42 pm

I used to love to go ice skating at St. George’s Ice Rink in Middletown RI.  I think I went every friday night for 3 years straight.  Well it looks like the tradition is alive and well in Worcester MA.   Brittany and I strapped on some skates and took to the ice last night.    I was having some serious flashbacks of boys, skating and my 1st pair (and probably only pair) of Bauer Hockey Skates.  My brothers and I used to skate at a big frozen puddle behind our house.  I swear it was not at all a lake or a pond it was a big ol’ puddle.     I had a great time and only fell once on the last time around the rink I left Brit and in dust so I  could “go really fast”  and totally ended up wiping out on the last turn when I tried some fancy foot work.

I think me and Ron are going to try and go in January, Who’s coming with us?


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