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Yoga December 14, 2010

Filed under: Fitness — Sharon @ 8:01 pm

What i am working on for my Yoga practice right now is Crane Pose (Bakasana)

STEP 1: Put your hands flat on the ground. Lift your heels and shift your weight to your hands.

STEP 2: Lift your feet and keep your balance on your hands. Try stretching your back in order to keep your chest free. Breathe in and out quietly and concentrate on a spot in front of you. As you progress, try to keep up this exercise longer and longer and to work out the stretching of the back further and further.

This asana is not only a position of power and balance, but it also gives an active stretching to the back. Try to let go of the tension in the back, to let your back lie deeper and deeper and to lengthen the back towards both the chin and pelvis.




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