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Christmas Tree Ohhh Christmas Tree! How Lovely…… December 8, 2010

Filed under: Crafts,HOME — Sharon @ 10:28 pm

We got our tree on Sunday and when we loaded it on the car, the tree guy said we should drive around town like a car commercial

I think I have a pretty good knack for picking out the most perfect tree. I do not do Charlie brown,  I think every year I get a little better at picking out the perfect tree.  First  string the lights on. 

  The tree stays on all the time when were home, I love the smell, the look, the bringing out of each and every ornament and the ohhh’s and ahhhh’s.  (We have exactly 12 ornaments for the dog)

Perfect Tree, just perfect!   I will never go fake no matter how old I get, NEVER!  you heard it hear.

Ron tipped the guy that wrapped the tree up and tied it on the car $6.00, does anyone else tip the tree guy?


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